Free «Pack It» UK Essay Paper

Free «Pack It» UK Essay Paper

Packing (or packaging, as it is also called) serves a very important duty in the business arena. Actually, without packaging, selling similar products would be a challenge not only to the seller, but the buyer would face an ambiguity of decision making as well. Several definitions have been developed concerning the concept of packaging, but two of them are used most commonly. The first one states that packing is the process through which producers protect the product’s contents. The second one determines it as the process of sales promotion in which products’ attributes and specifications are outlaid.

In the current business world, various countries have introduced issues of ethics in regard to the whole concept of packaging. The focal point of these ethical concerns tends to highlight the environmental concerns that should be considered before companies design their packages. One ought to realize that preserving environment should be the primary concern of all business institutions. This is due to the fact that it is the environment that serves to provide the raw materials, necessary for production of goods. At the same time, it serves as the dumpsite for all production wastes. In line with this fact, three environmental factors are always at play before any company undertakes designing the package for its merchandise.

The first environmental consideration concerns what we call ‘Reduce’, which is fundamentally aimed at reducing the overall amount of packaging the company utilizes for its goods. This aspect of environmental concern is always geared towards reducing the amount of energy used to produce packaging material. Energy emissions are one of the chief environment polluters and, therefore, the companies should design a packaging technique that employs less energy.

The next environmental consideration is embedded in the term ‘Re-Use’, which is a contemporary aspect to packaging and ensures that the packaging materials developed can be re-used multiple times. This aspect is aimed at reducing both the use of raw materials to produce a particular package as well as the energy consumed. The end result is that the environment will be saved a great deal from depletion.

Another environmental consideration entails the concept of ‘Recycle’, which has been considered over the years to be the best method to recover the already used packaging material. In carrying out packaging, a big amount of it will be used for direct reproduction of other packages, while others might be utilized for other purposes, such as low cost production. The whole idea of recycling is that the raw materials, used to produce new packaging, will be reduced, hence saving the environment from depletion of the same raw materials.

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