Free «The SEM Failures» UK Essay Paper

Free «The SEM Failures» UK Essay Paper

The Single European Market has had several failures along the way. As a stated earlier, there has been a spirit of unwillingness by the member countries to assess and deal with certain issues that have hampered the smooth running of these markets. On the other hand, the restrictions that were supposed to be removed completely have still found their way into the boundaries of the member countries. Again the United Kingdom has been a victim of imposing strict restriction upon its businessmen thus causing them to lack the competitive advantage on the market that is characterised by all forms of competition. On the other hand, there are countries that still carry strict immigration laws thus hampering the movement of people, goods and capital within their boundaries. For example, Germany has one of the favourable asylum laws in Europe. Yet, to cover the misuse of these laws, Germany has developed other laws that make it very difficult for a person from another nation to seek asylum in this nation (Armstrong and Bulmer 207).

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Despite the formation of the Single European Market to deal with issues that faced the European markets, there are still some challenges that need to be tackled for this market to achieve its goals. One of the challenges of this market is the standardisation of products and their prices n the market. Most markets are yet to standardise their prices with the prices that are depicted on the international scene. Similarly, their goods are yet to be standardised leading to a lot of disparities in the market. Therefore there is no price convergence on this market with goods emanating from different nations carrying their own prices.

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There are other areas that SEM is yet to get a breakthrough. One of these areas is the removal of physical boundaries in Europe. These boundaries are still maintained with every nation formulating its own laws and regulations that guide the running of the government business. The only issue that has been achieved here is the adherence to the European Union laws and regulations by the regulations that have been formulated on the local scene. For example, every European nation is expected to formulate laws and regulations that do not violate the laws and regulations that are laid down in the European Union laws. Yet this has not brought about political harmony. Instead, each country has maintained its own system of governance and its own political structures. On the other hand, the trade barriers have been minimised to a greater extend. However, there are other countries such as the United Kingdom that has kept its traders under certain market regulations, an issue that has made them to be less competitive on tthe European market (Armstrong and Bulmer 44).

On the other hand, the formation of the European Union as a result of the formations of the Single European Market has had considerable achievements. Among these achievements is the issue of health and safety, especially occupational health and safety. The EU has been able to harmonise its occupational health and safety among its 27 member countries and every countries is required to ensure that the standards that have been set by the EU are met at every single moment. This has guaranteed excellent health and safety of patients that is up to standard (Armstrong and Bulmer 3).

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On the other hand, the European Union has been able to set up a taxation system that is more neutral with the taxation being directed at governments that are comprised in the EU. Therefore, the fiscal policy on taxation that is common is indirect taxation whereby the body that carries out the taxation processes does not incur the full cost of taxation. Therefore, this taxation is levied on goods and services on transit with the EU markets. This has empowered the EU, making it one of the strongest body organs in the whole world that is comprised of many nations. On the other hand, this has eliminated the dependency on particular member country for financial support of the EU operations. 

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