Free «Banner Health Case Study» UK Essay Paper

Free «Banner Health Case Study» UK Essay Paper


Banner Health is a healthcare system leading a non-profit activity and operating in the USA. It includes 23 hospitals, which serve its patients with full responsibility and care. Banner Health is located in Phoenix, Arizona and is one of the largest employers in the USA in the healthcare segment. Around 40 000 employees work in the company and eagerly provide patients with outstanding quality of healthcare services on a daily basis. The company performs by providing patients with such services as hospital care, long-term care, emergency care, rehab services, outpatient surgery centers, and pharmacies. Highly equipped with the latest healthcare technologies, Banner Health continues to grow and develop in order to meet the needs of patients. Even the most difficult situations involving complex health problems are not challenging for Banner Health. In addition, the healthcare system creates appropriate working environment for nurses and healthcare professionals, which helps it to strive for the highest quality. The following discussion reveals the essence of the information about Banner Health including its readiness to address the healthcare needs of patients in the next decade and valuable elements of the strategic plan.

Addressing the Health Care Needs in the Next Decade

First, it is essential to note that the official website of Banner Health provides every visitor with the diverse information on the performance of the healthcare system. It is possible to see different sections, which outline the diverse activity of Banner Health aimed to meet the needs of every individual. The website contains much information on such diseases as flu, Ebola, West Nile Virus, and other dangerous health problems. In this way, the healthcare facility informs its patients and enhances their knowledge on the diversity of health problems. Further, it also strives to follow the contemporary tendency of rising fitness and wellness. In this way, Banner Health supports the overall desire of people to keep fit and healthy. In general, the section of health info is a mixture of information, which proves that patients do not need to worry about receiving appropriate helthcare service when they attend one of the hospitals of Banner Health. In addition, the official website contains a section titled “Banner Quality”, which indicates that Banner Health is capable of providing with high quality services in treating heart attack and heart failure patients, patient safety, treating pneumonia patients, surgical care, and preventing infections. In addition, Banner Health has one of the lowest mortality rates, which means that it strives to save as many lives as possible.

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Strategic Plan

The core of the Banner Health’s strategic plan lies in the formulation of its mission statement. According to the official website of Banner Health, its mission is “To make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care.” ("Our Nonprofit Mission", 2016). As long as the healthcare system has a non-profit performance, it means that it reinvests every dollar in the healthcare facilities. The main aim of the performance lies in providing the communities with outstanding healthcare services. For example, Banner Health provides free services for poison and drug information center, which has a preventive function. In this way, economically challenged regions benefit from free access to informational and healthcare support. Nevertheless, a deep insight in the strategic plan can help to see the following sections in details.

Network Growth

Banner Health has more than 20 hospitals and continues to grow in Arizona, Colorado, and Nebraska. Nevertheless, the Banner Health’s expansion is a costly phenomenon, which resulted in the expenses outpace in 2015 (Cutcher, 2015). In this way, the company’s desire to expand its boundaries and fit the budget based on the additional revenue is not always consistent. However, Banner Health’s key to a successful expansion of the network lies in cutting costs. Banner Health did not decide to benchmark the principles of cutting costs from other healthcare facilities. In its turn, the growing healthcare system decided to involve all employees in costs reduction initiative. In this way, every employee collaborated with other in teams in order to think aboutt the enhancement of healthcare services and reduction of costs at the same time (Dahlen & Bailey, 2013). Banner Health explained that it is the only way to expand the boundaries of the healthcare system and nourish it with the latest healthcare equipment. Finally, empowered, cross-functional teams helped to regulate the cash flow of Banner Health and redirect the investments in the expansion. In this way, Banner Health continues to grow and expand its network by aiming to bring benefit to as many communities as possible.

Nurse Staffing

Nursing practice is highly valued and appreciated at Banner Health. The healthcare system requires excellent nursing to make the delivery of healthcare services successful. It is a guarantee of a safe environment and appropriate medication of patients. Banner Health positions itself as a source of career opportunities for nurses willing to change the quality of healthcare in general. Advanced technologies and nursing practice formulate a combination of career opportunities, which also lie in continuous learning and training ("Our Benefits", 2016). As long as Banner Health considers nursing as a heartbeat of every hospital, it highly values the contribution of every nurse ("Our Benefits", 2016). Finally, Banner Health recognizes the contribution of every employee and provides with outstanding benefits, which inspire to join the fast growing healthcare system.

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Resource Management

A thoughtful resource management system is the core of healthcare system’s successful distribution of resources. It uses an approach, which allows meeting needs of every department and providing it with a required set of resources. Additional revenue remains the primary source of reinvestments, which result in the efficient distribution. In fact, the company has a team of senior leaders, which control the movement of resources (Zweig, 2015). For example, the primary goal of reinvestment lies in adding beds to the healthcare facilities and increasing the number of equipment (Dahlen & Bailey, 2013). In addition, the maintenance of equipment is a separate need of the healthcare system, which is also addressed by means of reinvestment.

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