Free «Corporate Social Responsibility – The Shell Company» UK Essay Paper

Free «Corporate Social Responsibility – The Shell Company» UK Essay Paper


Shell is a global company with about ninety thousand employees in more than eighty countries, dealing with energy and petrochemical. It is driven by its strategy and generates profits through continuous growth, provides shareholders with good returns, and responsibly meets global energy demands in an economic, social, and environmentally friendly manner (Shell n.d.).

Shell extracts crude oil and natural gas, liquefy the natural gas, and supply it to customers worldwide. It also extracts bitumen from the oil and converts it to synthetic crude oil, and helps to generate electricity through wind power. At the lower levels, Shell Company converts crude oil into a range of usable products and supplies it to customers all over the world.

The Company is committed to improve its technology and encourages innovation to facilitate its growth in today’s competitive world. To meet the needs of all stakeholders and not to compromise its ability of meeting the needs of future generations, it is committed to offering a sustainable development by being responsible to the economy, society, and environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The rapid importance corporate social responsibility gained in the 21st century made the Shell Company to incorporate it in its business processes. Shell’s aim is be involved in sustainable development projecs around the world. According to the Company’s chief executive officer Peter Voser (2011), the company uses its annual profits to maintain its huge investments, secure jobs for many people, and ensure adequate supply of energy for today and tomorrow usage. It strives to help the United Kingdom to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, emitted to the atmosphere, by generating lesser amounts of the gas than coal. Shell believes in transparency and is ready to work together with governments and communities to achieve its strategies.

The company advocates for safety of all its stakeholders including employees and communities. This is evident by the Company’s continuous advocate for peace between warring communities in Ogoni region in Nigeria (Coble 2007) and support to government in securing the region. Moreover, the company offered to clean oil spills that were as a result of the wars.

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It is committed to providing secure and sustainable energy supply. This is done by expanding the production of natural gas, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted, and working on ways of tackling emissions of greenhouse gas. It does this by investing in two technologies: carbon capture and storage and biofuels (Voser 2011).

Shell Company not only aims at making profits but also helping communities. It contributes to the development of economies in many developing countries through “social investment, education and skill development, loocal sourcing”, and employment offering to citizens not only in manual jobs but also managerial and leadership posts (Voser 2011). About over ninety percent of its employees are citizens of that country. According to Wood (n.d.), Shell Company trains unemployed for employment, employed for development, school teachers and children in road safety measures, and the youth for sustainable development in Oman.

It makes it a priority to protect the environment (Shell Refining Company - Federation of Malaya 2006). This is in line with its strategic objectives and international requirements. It does this by finding proper ways to manage air emissions arising from fuel combustion, evaporation from storage and transportation vessels, leakage experienced during processing, and flaring and venting. In addition, the company has developed proper ways of managing the main sources of wastes such as sludge, “spent catalysts,” and unhazardous wastes (Shell Refining Company - Federation of Malaya 2006).

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Corporate social responsibility is important because it not only helps organizations achieve their strategic objectives but also helps communities and stakeholders. Shell’s corporate social responsibility focuses on sustainable growth and development by making profits, advocating for safety and security of people, protecting the environment, and helping communities by improving economy, creating jobs, and sourcing locally. 

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