Free «Doha Qatar» UK Essay Paper

Free «Doha Qatar» UK Essay Paper

This being the capital city of Qatar, there exist a number of luxury hotels that offer accommodation services in one of the best ways possible in the world being that Qatar has the largest GDP per capita globally. Five most striking hotels worth taking a look at include; Doha Marriott hotel, Millennium hotel, Four seasons hotel, Grand Hyatt Doha and Sheraton Doha Hotel.

To begin with, Grand Hyatt Doha is a five star hotel located in Doha International Airport making it very convenient and just short distance away from the commercial centre. Its strategic location on the shores of West Bay Lagoon district enables customers enjoys features such as terraces in rooms and suites. Four Seasons Hotel is found at West Bay Complex and it presents a unique feature of Middle Eastern architecture being one of the most sought after destinations for business meetings.

On the same note, Millennium Hotel features an elegant outstanding architectural design that combines the traditional with the modern. Through its district array of services as well as leisure facilities, it is known to render the warmth of the real Arabian hospitality. Actually, it was spectacularly designed exclusively to cater for the needs of the corporate and business travelers through a wide range of selection of restaurant outlets. On the other hand, Doha Marriott Hotel being a five star hotel features as a highly treasured landmark as far as Qatar coastline is concerned. It is also located conveniently for meetings, relaxation in weekends and events. Lastly, considering Sheraton Doha Hotel, one key feature that strikes most is well catered accommodation for all types of guest with access to a wide range of facilities whose renting fees are included in the accommodation bill making it even more affordable all time round.

This city also provides a rich ground for practicing all sorts of activities ranging from culture, religion and other ways of socialization and leisure. This is evident thorough availability of many churches, mosques, skydiving, stadiums for different kinds of sports, National Museum where one can easily gain access to the history and culture of the city and fishing characterized by presence of sea.

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