Free «Rachel Carson» UK Essay Paper

Free «Rachel Carson» UK Essay Paper

Rachel Carson was a revolutionist who brought a new era of environmental awareness in the USA. She was also an environmentalist writer who suggested that the insecticides should be referred to as biocides. According to Carson, biocides can be considered to as life killers. According to her, the insecticides have caused water, air and soil pollution. As a result, it leads to the deaths of humans, plants and animals. Carson also conducted more researches and found out that insecticides kill even non target species.

Carson opposes the use of all toxins, but there are some stronger toxins that may remain in the environment for long before dissipating. These toxins deserve a tight regulation which governs their use.

According to Carson, everything that lives in the nature depends on each other for its survival. For example, a tree will always depend on the soil. A pesticide, for example DDT, when sprayed on a plant will affect the organisms in the soil, animals and humans. When it rains, it is dissolved in the water and this water eventually comes in contact with the grass and other plants. Later, the animals may come into contact with these pesticides and get infected with the disease. This contaminated water can even sink to the underground water layer. The water is further used in many human activities such as washing from the water in well. Thus, it may affect a family miles away from contaminated water. Carson challenges the principle that human beings are the masters of everything that exists on the Earth. In such a case humans have a key influence and a great role to play in shaping the environment for their own benefits.

A moral dilemma refers to the situations where contradictions occur between what a moral imperative is said to hold and what seems to be a necessary action. In order to control the amounts of beetles, chemicals were distributed in a manner that further exposed people and animals to the poison which was initially intended for the beetles. Rachael Carson is also worried on how laws of spraying are executed. For example, in Michigan it was done without permission from the land owners or even without notifying them.

After spraying was once done by the Michigan government, the pellets of insecticides fell on both beetles, which they were intended for, and even humans and animals. After the dusting of these pellets was done, each portion of pellets after the rain became dead. Later, it was noticed that no birds were flying and most of them were even found dead; those dead birds showed symptoms of insecticide poisoning. Moreover, the cases of sick dogs and cats were also reported. As a result of these cases, Carson shares her views. There were no necessary measures before spraying of the beetles. The government wanted to get rid of the beetles through spraying them but did not consider the safety of other creatures.

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