Free «Economic Assignment» UK Essay Paper

Free «Economic Assignment» UK Essay Paper

In respect to the spent batteries being sent to Mexico for recycling, the benefits are regressive. This is because spent battery is a "hazardous waste." Because they contain toxic metals such as lead, they are classified as unsuitable to be disposed as typical public solid waste. Such batteries are not to be recycled because there is a probability that these lethal metals can have a severe and lasting effect on the neighboring environment and community. In this case, the spent batteries from Americans get sent to Mexico, in a fast-growing industry now working in many division of the country, often in rundown areas for recycling. The workers regularly take out lead by crude means that are unlawful in the United States. This kind of extraction renders the plant workers and neighboring inhabitants to hazardous levels of a toxic metal. The extracts also pose a threat to the soil and water when deposited accidentally. When the remnants of the batteries or lead extracted get released into the water they contaminate it. Any substance or metal is potentially hazardous; they should never be dropped in the soil as their lethal components seep into the soil causing enormous and destructive damage to our usual eco system.As much as all this is happening, Mexican environmental officials admit that they require the funds, manpower and technological competence to monitor a fast-growing business now functioning in many areas of the country.

The situation described in the article relate primarily to both environmental justice, and economic efficiency. Supporters of environmental justice normally observes the environment as encircling "where we reside, work, and engage in recreation and try to find ways of restoring unbalanced distributions of environmental troubles like contamination from metal element from recycled batteries, and manufacturing facilities. Environmental Justice works to charge and dispute different kinds of environmental discrimination that has in the past and presently taken place like waste dumping from plants and industries. This case focuses on the distribution of toxic waste from used batteries with marginal communities, underprivileged communities, and rural neighborhoods unquestionably being the most affected by this activity. This practice of extracting lead from recycled batteries is common in this country, and the environmental justice does not seem to work.

In economics, the phrase economic efficiency means the utilization of wealth so as to capitalize on the creation of goods and services. An economic structure is said to be more proficient than another if it can supply more provisions for the community without using more funds. This is not so in Mexico because if the economy was efficient the people would not extract lead from recycled batteries.

The U.S. policy response to environmental justice problems is not adequate for the situation described in the article because Mexico has its own Environmental Protection Agency standards on lead pollution. It is only that they have not implemented them because that they do not have the funds, manpower and scientific capability to control a fast-growing business now working in numerous parts of the nation, often in rundown neighborhoods similar to the one here, 30 miles from Mexico City.

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