Free «Human Effects» UK Essay Paper

Free «Human Effects» UK Essay Paper

Environment is referred to as the total surroundings and comprises of both living and non-living things that occur naturally on universe. Biophilia does the bond exist between living things and man. While environmental ethics is the principle of moral that extends to various parts including how people treat animals, plants and entire environment. Environmental ethics shows respect for both living and non-living things (Sandler, 2007).

Human beings have affected environment in both positive and negative ways. Positive human effects on the environment include elimination of pollution discharge, for instance methods of waste disposal have been established to help in waste management. Each type of waste is disposed off differently solid waste, and liquid wastes have their disposal bins separated for easier sorting before disposing. Therefore this applies to environmental ethics of valuing and taking care of environment by man since man and environment have a strong bond.

Reduction of global warming through planting of more trees .Man has taken the initiative of planting more trees to help prevent global warming which causes climate change. Man also releases different species into the air after breeding them up to a certain stage. This is positive effect which is morally right because it shows consideration on the animal’s existence by man. Human beings assist in removal of contaminated sediments that have accumulated thus protecting lives of living animals, plants and other things in the water.

However, human beings have done more harm than good to environment. Depletion of ozone layer through releasing of chemicals into the atmosphere causes harm to man himself and the Ultra-Violet rays destroy Cyanobacteria which is vital for crops (Schmidtz &Willott, 2002). Excess of this rays leads to killing of phytoplankton which are very helpful in food webs.

Through industrialization, man has led to pollution of the environment through the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere (Passmore, 1974). This is not morally right as it destroys ecosystems o n environment.

Deforestation due to overpopulation, industrialization and development leaves many animals displaced and thus causing distinction of rare species. Man cuts down trees that are not only homes for some species but also component of water cycle. The soil is held together with tree roots hence reducing soil erosion .Man kills animals selfishly through hunting thus leading to extinction of rare species.

In conclusion, man has done more harm than good to the environment and this is not morally right to other living organisms which are the victims. Therefore, it is advisable that we create an environment that is conducive to animals, plants and non living things.

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