Free «International Marketing Plan» UK Essay Paper

Free «International Marketing Plan» UK Essay Paper

Executive Summary

Samsung is a South Korean company that offers different kinds of products. These are mainly electronic, industrial products and services through other subsidiaries. Electronic goods include phones, fridges, radio systems, TV sets among others. These are aimed towards making life more comfortable for people. Mobile phones, which we are seeking to market, offer entertainment and communication services as well as data storage facilities to customers. The phones are also integrated with other facilities such as the camera. This allows the user to take photos.  Samsung is trying to increase the marketability of its products in the Saudi Arabia. This is achievable through intensive marketing campaigns as well as maintenance of a production line with quality products.

Description of Product

A Samsung phone is a gadget that has inbuilt facilities that enable the user to access proper communication among other facilities. An individual is able to call his or her friends and relatives living a distance away. This makes business easier for the businessmen. It is also easier to keep close touch with family and friends. It may also be used for purposes of entertainment, where one can store music and videos in the phone memory. Most gadgets produced also have a memory slot, where one can insert a memory card with information and data stored on it. Samsung intends to ensure increased sales of the product in the whole world.  This is achievable through target of individual countries. This way the whole world will be able to enjoy mobile services through a Samsung phone. The history of Samsung and mobile phones stretches back to over ten years. In 1993, the company developed the lightest cell phone of that time. Recently, Samsung became dedicated to the 4G industry. Samsung overtook Apple in Smartphone shipment becoming the world’s top Smartphone vendor, according to new data from strategy analytics. Its profits more than doubled and its growth got boosted largely by the sales of Galaxy S2 super phone (Hoyle, 2012).

The advertisement for Samsung Galaxy S2 has done remarkably well. The main outstanding attribute about this brand would be the 8 megapixel resolution camera, which is able of recording videos in entire high definition mode at 1080 p. The burden in the handset is about 116 g, which enclosed within a slim 8.49 mm chassis. The boundaries get curved effortlessly and nicely, which offers it a superb sporting appearance. The phones rate sensible strategy to communicate oneself is a tremendous enhancement. The Galaxy S2 magnetic sensors and gyroscope percept hand movements and gestures easily from another feature (Hoyle, 2012).

Samsung Product Attributes

Samsung has many products; example is Galaxy S2, which is a fast phone for a fast network. The fastest network speed currently available is 4G, so naturally, the brand comes ready to jump right on board and make the most of advantage the network can offer. Today, it is possible to check voicemails and a person can select the ones to play or delete. Galaxy S2 smart phone includes a 1.5 GHz processor to store video, games and information fast and smoothly. Galaxy S2 super plus screen is the industry standard for jaw-dropping color. Finally, the phone uses the state-of-the-art Android, 2.3.5 Gingerbread as the operating platform. It is fast, versatile, and extremely customizable. Most importantly the user has access to over 250 thousand apps via Google play (Samsung Galaxy S II Features, 2012). The Galaxy S2 is well known due to its S-AMOLED capacitive touch screen, which delivers terrific show quality for all manner of media items. The screen delivers wide viewing angles plus sheer perfection even though from outside. That is something, which many other phones battle to do well. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is likely to possess similar touch screen technologies, yet one can anticipate dissimilarities inside terms of the resolution plus, perhaps, the dimensions of the screen (Samsung Galaxy S II Features, 2012).

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Samsung holds the copyright of Amoled screens and, hence, super Amoled plus screen is available only in Galaxy S2 for quite a long time. The IC chips monopoly of Samsung also helped a lot in providing an edge. The 1.2 GHz core and parallel processing speed got beaten only by another Samsung Smartphone, Galaxy Note. Galaxy S2 can be categorized as a specialty product because it is sought after by those customers who prefer a seamless, fast and cutting edge performance from their cell phones at a reasonable cost. People who prefer a more corporate image seeks a blackberry, people who are brand conscious buy an Apple iphone , but only Samsung Galaxy S2 delivers performance and stable, consistent service with a work-meets-pleasure device (“Samsung Galaxy S2: what you need to know”, 2012).

Samsung Products Mix and Lifecycle

Samsung electronic appliances unit deals with mobile phones, tablet, televisions, audio, video camera, camcorder, home appliances among others. Galaxy S2 falls in the Smartphone category of the Samsung mobile phones subgroup. Other mobile phone subcategories are tablet smart phones, Smartphone, essential phone, dual sim phone, touch phone, multimedia and cdma phones (“Samsung Galaxy S2: what you need to know”, 2012). Samsung Galaxy S2 is in earlier maturity stage of its lifecycle, but yet to reach its peak. Samsung has moved to powerful Smartphone models, and the growth rate of sales has started to diminish. There are still a few innovations in the way, hence, there is still little more scope of growth and some time before S2 reaches its maturity stage, but competitors have started to catch up with the standard of Galaxy S2.      

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 Some of the strategic goals include:

  • Increased sales of mobile phone across the globe
  • Beating competing firms in the industry. These include Nokia, Sony Erickson and other manufacturers of mobile phones.
  • Ensuring improvement of the image of Samsung for purposes of future growth and expansion.
  • Ensuring an expansive market that can be relied upon for stability based on reliable customers.
  • Constant supply of products that meet customer’s needs.

Target Country

The target country here is Saudi Arabia. It is located in western Asia. Saudi Arabia is the largest state in western Asia and second largest in the Arab world. The country has an estimated population of 30 million people, meaning that marketing the product around here will be easier. The state depends on crude oil for economic prosperity. Oil export accounts for an 80%-90% of the total Saudi Arabia exports. This is approximately 75% of the total revenues, which is above 40% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With the current level of operations, value addition is expected to increase by 1%, as the world economy increases by 5.5% per year.           

Restructuring the technology service industry will increase growth rates by a whopping margin, leading to the enhancement of citizens’ livelihood. A large population will prefer to make transactions through their mobile gadgets. Global trends in the communication industry are moving towards implementation of technology in the provision of customer service. Technology encourages the use of e-banking, information technologies, strategic management, and product re-engineering.

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There is an acute need to diversify the economy to attract investments in the information and communication sectors of the economy. Investment in the communication industry is the base that establishes links to other industries, thus, promoting growth by a multiplier effect. This is the essence of maximum utilization of available resources through the use of specialised human skills to provide advice and assistance to other sectors of the economy. Individuals with specialised skills should provide technical assistance to people who do not possess technical knowledge to enable them achieve economic objectives.  This promotes development of strategies to diversify Saudi Arabia revenue through consulted efforts from skilled individuals. Development of the information and communication industry should be a key to unlock human potential and motivate stakeholders to optimize their operations.

Technology is a composite of customer needs, service provider’s capabilities and other resources that enable organizations to offer customer services. The scope of technology should be defined and valued to enable the organization measure success of customer service. Methods adopted should be standardised to exude professionalism from technology providers. Projects’ successes come from internal employee skills to handle technology in service delivery and external pressures, influencing service delivery. In banks, schools, mosques, social gatherings, the technology is paramount. This forms the basis for future research to enable organizations provide their employees with direct access to current Samsung communication systems, which meet customer needs; leading to growth and development of service industry and the Saudi Arabian economy.

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Rationale behind introducing the product

The Samsung phone enables people to communicate with each other. Users can also use it to send messages and access the internet. In addition, the gadget can be used for storing data and information. Its inbuilt camera allows users to take photos.

The greatest motivation towards introducing the product is to maximize profits. This is because citizens of Saudi Arabia have the purchasing power and, hence, will certainly purchase. It takes some little conviction through intensive marketing and promotion strategies to actually convince people that the product will meet their needs (Lascu, 2008).

The other motivating factor is the strong economy of Saudi Arabia, which will provide a favorable environment for the engagement.

Target Market

Our main target market is individuals. This can be all genders and all ages of people if they want to acquire a phone that will meet their needs. This will, basically, form the best market, on which Samsung will yield highest returns. It is risky to commit to marketing the products among one group of people, since it is a universal product that can be used by almost all people.


Saudi Arabia has made tremendous improvement in its technological world. There is more and more use of computers in offices and homes as compared to previous years. The use of websites and e-mails for communication will enable Samsung to reach out to customers within the country. This will come in handy with such other benefits as increased sales and profits for the company.  The country also relies on machinery and current technology for mining in the gold mines. This has paved way for more efficiency and as such increased production (Michael, 2007). 

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The use of software technology is present ensuring the gadgets are in order and working efficiently. These include the necessary programs for the same. The world of computing will also prove very useful in this. Marketing shall be done through the website and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketing will help in promoting the product among the users of social media.


The competitors include mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericson, Ideos etcetera. These companies offer products that can equally meet customer’s need. The challenge, therefore, is to remain upbeat and vibrant to counter this.

Promotional Decisions

Before making promotional decisions it is important to have a SWOT analysis.

Samsung must be able to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats. Some of the strengths of the company include technological advancements; weaknesses of the company include internal wrangles in the company as well as the gap between the management and employees.

Promotion should then be done. This may be on the radio, TV, social media network as well as print. The methods are able to reach out to a wide network of people who are also potential customers. Advertisements are very effective in reaching out.

Management should also integrate marketing mix in its bid to expand and take over the market in the Saudi Arabia. This involves taking care of the product, the place, pricing, and promotion of the product. The product must be of quality so that customers are satisfied. Branding must also be done. This involves making the product to appear unique. The reference points in this case are color, size, and shape. The product must be made to appear small enough to enable portability and mobility. Shape of the gadget must be well considered. A rectangular shape would do in this case just to make it look unique. A purple color is very appealing to the eye and, thus, this color with some integration with a white color will just do perfectly. This will serve to attract the attention of buyers in the market.

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Packaging of the product should be appropriately done. This should be in a small box, where the product can fit perfectly. This will serve to encourage the user of the product.

Discounts should be offered for the products. These include quantity discounts that should be offered to customers to encourage bulk purchase. Wholesalers and retailers will, thus, be encouraged to purchase since they will get discounts.

Trade discounts must also be offered to wholesalers, retailers and other distributors. The discount allows them to make a profit out of resale of the products.

Bundling is the process, in which several products are offered to customers for sale as one bundle. This will be an effective marketing strategy for Samsung. Customers will be more than encouraged to purchase in bulk out of this engagement.

The phones should also be made available to the customer. This should be through transportation to the required destination. This will take care of the second P for place. Deliveries may be made after customers place their orders online through the post office. The gadgets may also be sent in form of a parcel, well wrapped.

The company will rely on direct sales to customers. This is where sales agents of the company will meet customers and talk face-to-face. They, thus, purchase the products directly from customers. Retail distributors and wholesalers may also be relied upon for sales on behalf of the company. Other intermediates will allow the company to avoid so much cost on storage of the products.

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Pricing Decisions

Pricing must be given careful consideration. It will not be prudent to overcharge customers since they might refuse to buy and instead opt to use less expensive gadgets for entertainment. It is also important to charge a cost that will ensure the company at least meets its costs of operation. Price sensitivity, therefore, must be given careful consideration.

Marketing Objectives

By engaging in intensive marketing the company intends to achieve the following:

  • To create enough awareness of the products in the market.
  • To seek for new markets and ensure the current customers are maintained.
  • To improve the image of the company as a whole, so that other products may also move.
  • To obtain as much feedback as possible from customers through direct sales.
  • To ensure that the company’s products, in this case mobile phones, are moving in the very competitive world.

Support services

The support requirements include software needs. The manufacture requires useful technology such as computers, which make work easier. This kind of technology also seeks to check the gadget to ensure it is in good functioning order. Further, software technology must be installed in the gadget so that it can connect to a wide network for people just as is the case with computers.

The company also requires vehicles to do the actual transportation of the products to the destination, where they are required.

Distribution Decisions

The company will rely on direct sales to customers. In such cases, sales agents of the company will meet customers and talk face-to-face.  It would be necessary for retail outlets to be opened so as to reach to the customer directly. These outlets will help the customer to understand how to use the product.

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The channel of distribution should and must be motivated. This may be through commissions offered, depending on the quantity of products sold. This will serve to encourage the customers to buy more and more products to enjoy greater benefits. Distributor margins should also be offered to the distributors. This will allow them to make some profits out of the business engagement and the customers will be encouraged to engage more in the trade. This way, the sales levels will be maximized, which will be a direct reward to the company too.

Distributors should be evaluated through the amount of sales they make for the products. This way, each of them will be encouraged to bring in more customers to the business. Transportation should be through company cars. The products may also be sent to the customer via post to the required destination. The outlets, set up by Apple, will also act as warehouses for the gadgets awaiting dispatch to the customers. Orders must be fulfilled, when they are due. It will not be prudent to make orders, when they are late. This will improve the image of the business.

The gadget is primarily for entertainment purposes. This involves storing music and videos on the gadget and then accessing them later. There is a speaker jack on the gadget that gives the user a chance to enjoy music on an external speaker. The phones are portable, meaning it is convenient to use.

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The phones can reach customers through distribution outlets in the branches. These will be outlets, where customers can reach the gadgets at whatever time they want to purchase. It is also important that sales people be sent out to meet potential customers. This could be in schools and other institutions. Persons, wishing to purchase the gadget, would access it to enjoy full service before purchasing.


The project requires money at first. This is for purposes of distribution and promotion. The two services will have to be paid for. Manufacture of the product also requires finances. Financial institutions such as banks may provide these. The advantage of relying on banks is that they are reliable and can provide enough money for the project to be successful.


A public relations department should and must be established. This department will serve to take care of all customer issues so that they are effectively addressed. Promotional programs should include free Samsung phones for competitions arranged by the company.

Company should also take care of issues that affect the society and undertake initiatives such as eradication of drug and substance abuse in the society. Such programs will boost the image of the business and will make the company’s sales to increase substantially in the long run.

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