Free «Orientation of a Market» UK Essay Paper

Free «Orientation of a Market» UK Essay Paper

Market orientation is the mechanism of business reaction to the customer needs. The judgment taken by the business is based on the information about the client wants and needs rather than what the business see is good for the client (Little, 2005).  Market orientation is also referred to as consumer focus or marketing model.  With application of market orientation, a firm rotates its strategic judgments around the needs and wants of the aimed market, including the prospective customers.  

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A company or organization that practices market orientation aspect has the obligation to value customers and the customers’ needs (Efthymios, 2003). The application of this aspect can also lead to the renovation of a company’s business culture.  This marketing idea entail use of three vital procedures in being customer focused. Firstly the needs and wants of a potential client are researched and acknowledged. Secondly the research outcomes are considered by the marketers and the new products are manufactured based of what the customer want. Finally, client satisfaction is targeted after a public responsiveness and introduction of the new produce is made.

Orientation of a market is characterized by different aspects. The company or organization make extensive and proper use of market research, manufacturing of broad and new products, emphasizes on benefits and values, and establishment of good design complementary services such as credit availability, delivery, fitting and installation, and warranty. All these properties are geared toward client’s benefits (Efthymios, 2003).  Consequently orientation which a business adopts differs from each other depending on competition, external aspects such as the economic environment, and the life cycle of a product. They are different types of orientation.

Product orientation is the first case of market orientation. As the term suggests this type mainly put focus on the quality of a product. A firm believes that if the product being presented in the market is of high standard quality, customers will definitely take advantage and purchase it. The manufacturing of these quality products are either a reaction to the client needs and wants or by pure improvement. A good example is the Diggers Inc, there machinery have a competitive edge over the rest of the competitors. Diggers Inc manufacture its products in such a way that they have properties that attract the potential customers.

Companies that use product orientation mechanism mainly invest their time and money on product innovation as a method of attracting the market. In order for a company to compete in a certain industry, it should consider the recent changes and developments in customer tastes and technology. Otherwise it may end losing its ground to other aggressive competitors.

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The second type of orientation is the sales orientation. Those companies or organization that use sales orientations are not targeted on the quality of the product or customer needs but on the promotion and selling of the products to the market. Basically, this type of orientation entails selling the existing and current company’s need along with promotion forms so as to maximize the profit (Benner, 1999). Companies that have difficulties time in selling their products and services are more antagonistic in pressing sales, product distribution and marketing. For instance if a company’s stock have remained stagnant on the stores, the company will adopt the sales orientation mechanism to drive on the sales of these stocks with putting much contemplation on the preferences and taste of the customer.

On my opinion II belief Diggers Inc is using product orientation mechanism in the market. Product orientation entails producing high standard and quality products that fundamentally caters for the customers’ needs. Growth of Diggers Inc is based on the strategy of pure diversification in production of its products.  For example product diversification in Diggers Inc has led to over 300 individual products being produced to meet the customer real needs.   

Diggers Inc has overtime produced products that focus in satisfying the customers demand. Through application of product orientation mechanism Diggers Inc has been able to manufacture products that satisfies the need of the customers. Through this mechanism Diggers Inc has managed to serve customers in construction, mining, forestry, earth moving and waste and paving sectors.  This has been made possible though investing time and money of product innovation in order to came up with quality products that will attract customers to buy. 

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Though product orientation method Diggers Inc wishes to keep on upgrading its technology in machinery manufacturing and service providing so as to attract more customers all over the world. By providing quality products and services the management of Diggers Inc believes it will provide a competitive edge to its competitors who are offering similar services.

Many industries have overtime adopted the Product orientation method. Mobile and motor industries are examples where the product orientation has worked successfully.  For instance Apple is a good example of a company that always ensures their products have a competitive edge over the other mobile companies. Apple manufactures phones with properties that attract the targeted market. With adoption of product orientation method Apple has emerged to be a technical leader.

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