Free «Peculiarities of Cross-Cultural Marketing» UK Essay Paper

Free «Peculiarities of Cross-Cultural Marketing» UK Essay Paper

The process of internationalization and globalization of production, the rapid growth of international trade and direct investments have increased the importance of international cross-cultural marketing in the company’s strategies.

Corporations, which perform a global marketing strategy, seek to create brands of competitive quality, and which should be sold at an affordable reasonable price in the global market. Thus, the international market - it's the same thing as the domestic market, but which operates in the world. The cornerstone of the global marketing concept involves the market orientation on a particular country in order to meet the needs and desires of the customers. Corporations standardize many of their methods (approaches), and give them a practical performance on a worldwide basis. Certain solutions are applied and implemented in all countries, while some firms require investigation and consideration of local market characteristics of each foreign country (Schomer, 2000).

Groups of prospective buyers with similar needs define global market segments and international companies develop a cross-cultural plan aimed at standardizing the products in a general sense. This could mean that the global marketing plan provides international market with unified product, but special advertising schemes depends on the country, or on certain brand for all countries with unique characteristics of specific market segment, brand name or image products to fit the needs of the country.

Therefore, a thorough study of the peculiarities of a country, the history of its domestic market, the success of other brands of your company or competitors is fundamentally important for the manager, who promotes the brand on the world market. The collected data will help the brand to obtain unique features to become competitive on the market of a particular country (Barik, 2010). Apparently, none of the international brands can be promoted worldwide blindly, without doing field work.

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