Free «Moore: Correct?» UK Essay Paper

Free «Moore: Correct?» UK Essay Paper

Current paper analyses the American education system as presented by three writers Michael Moore, Mike Rose and Jean Anyon, in their works; Idiot Nation, I Just Wanna Be Average, and“Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” respectively. The paper brings to light the reasons that have contributed to poor quality of education in America. In addition, it has paid attention of the writers’ perception of different types of students within classrooms, identified by their intelligence and different social classes hold by their parents in the society. It is evident that countries where governments support education sectors have students who are likely to perform better than those countries with governments providing little support to their education sectors.

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Michael Moore views American education as the one with constantly deteriorating quality. He argues from a point that the system of education in the country seems to lack trust. He sees the system as the one that releases very incompetent people to the American society and who can hardly write or speak the correct form of English (Moore 12). He attributes such effect to the lack of critical concern by key players in the education sectors who have turned out to be greatly ignorant to the quality of education in the country. Additionally, he has also blamed politicians and the Government for the failure to allocate sufficient funds in order to cater for the needs of the education sectors (Moore 21).

Similarly, Mike Rose’s view about education supports that of Moore when he argues that people entitled to handling the education curriculum are so careless to a level of committing errors that make students pursue gades that they were not supposed to. That is after Rose is sent to a vocational learning while he does not belong there. In his work, Anyon has proved to support the views of the two writers when he entirely terms education in the country as the one which is dominated by social classes in the society rather than is aimed at transforming the life of students to become better people in the society than their parents (Anyon). Consequently, it becomes evident that children from a poor family will persist to become poor in the future. Those students who have wealthy backgrounds will continue to be rich in their future. As seen, the curriculum is not determined to transform the lives of the society members, but instead it is aimed at retaining the lives to the level they used to be (Anyon).

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According to Moore, the goal of public schooling in America is only to make people feel that they have gone through an education system, rather than make them achieve success later in the future as a result of obtaining knowledge in the schools (34). That is evident when he says that it is time for people in America to start feeding their brains appropriately, with materials that are going to be useful. He goes ahead to argue that education system in America has greatly failed to provide information containing elements that will make people achieve high results in their future careers. Instead, individuals have to spend time for other things like entertainment, sports, which are not that important. At that point, Moore recognizes the value of education. If there was no education, there would be no teachers in school to teach others, judges to ensure that justice is delivered in courts of law or doctors to care for patients in hospitals (Moore 45). His idea is to encourage key playeers in the education sectors so that they could improve the value of education in order to give individuals a possibility to become professionals in their fields.

Moore’s view about education squares with that of Rose and Anyon. Rose views the general education system as such that is misleading (51). As a result, students get lost in the educational process because their possibilities are not challenged enough. Educators also contribute to making the education sector very poor by assisting other students to cheat in exams as such students strive to become average (Rose 43). Anyon has particularly lacked any relevant value in the education system of the country as he considers it as the one that is not aimed at transforming students’ lives.

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Moore’s analysis of education system in America in one way or another is similar to those of Rose and Anyon. He bases his argument from a different angle stating that such parties as politicians and Government also contribute to poor quality of education in the country. In his argument, he has attributed current condition in the education sector as lack of correct financing by the Government (Moore 57). Education sectors have resorted in finding other means of funding the curriculum. In addition, he has made it clear that politicians encourage individuals to take part in activities that are of little importance, while compared to education. In his study, Moore offers to include a third party to explain his opinion regarding the reason for the poor quality of education in the country. His analysis has deviated from that of Moore and Rose, who have only involved two parties (students and education sectors) to explain the condition of education in the country (Rose 27).

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