Free «Behavior» UK Essay Paper

Free «Behavior» UK Essay Paper

Considering the development of Stacey, her parents, and her best friend plays a crucial role when compared to her new peers. Her new peers are the reason for Stacey indulging in alcoholism, over the weekends for the past three months something she never used to do. This is because the significant person in an individual’s life is the one who will help that person to move in the right direction. The people who influence another to live a purpose driven life in this case are the parents and her best friend. If we figure what her new peers are driving her to, it is apparent that they are misleading her. This is because the new peers will render Stacey to be an alcoholic and marijuana addict, which is a dangerous habit to Stacey’s health. In addition, drug abuse affects student performance (Smink & Schargel, 2004). Therefore, Stacey should avoid the new peers if she would like to score well in academics. However, the best friend shows her concern by tying to talk to her concerning the issue. This shows her commitment of helping Stacey out of the problem. The parents do not support such an act because Stacey compares her best friend reaction to that of her parents (Barnard, 2007).

Stacey’s parents and her best friend are crucial because they do not allow Stacey becoming a drug addict. Mary, her best friend, cares a lot about Stacey. Despite, Stacey, abandoning her for her new peers, she still visits Stacey to avoid her from being hurt. She talks with Stacey to see if she could find a solution for her problems. This behavior is manifested in Stacey’s parents, which makes Stacey compare her best friend to her parents. Therefore, Stacey’s parents and best friend are useful, as they will prevent her from becoming a drug addict. In addition, they are showing Stacey to do the right thing at the right moment, which is not the case with her new peers (Barnard, 2007).

Stacey’s friend or her parents to counsel her on dangers of drugs to help her realize what she is doing is unhealthy. This will help Stacey stop being defensive because she will know that the move is for her common good. Stacey will also appreciate their efforts and will stop her habit of avoiding them. The parents and the friend should also educate her on the effects of peer pressure, as this will put her in a position to choose the right company (Smink & Schargel, 2004).

Stacey’s problem if not solved early may lead to a criminal behavior. Firstly, Stacey may become an addict of Marijuana. Depending on the laws governing that state, the possession of marijuana or smoking can be a crime in some states. Some of the states like china have severe punishment for possession and consumption of drugs. Secondly, alcoholism affects the ability of a person to reason or act as required because it affects the decision-making process (Smink & Schargel, 2004). Drugs abuse may results to an impaired judgment. This can lead to Stacey committing crimes due to inability to control her behavior (Adint, 2000). Finally, drug addiction creates a craving for drugs, which forces the addict to do anything possible to acquire the drug. Since Stacey is still in school, she might lack finances to support her purchase of drugs, and it is not possible to ask for assistance from her parents. This can force her to steal or indulge in criminal activities to obtain finances to help her in purchasing the drugs. Therefore, Stacey’s problem should be addressed urgently before it becomes complicated to make her receive a smooth learning (Barnard, 2007).

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