Free «Ethical decision making and behavior» UK Essay Paper

Free «Ethical decision making and behavior» UK Essay Paper

Human behavior is controlled by various factors and ethical requirement is one of them. The ethics of a society normally determines the acceptable behavior of the members of that community. However, it’s worth noting that sometimes human beings are faced with situations that are more powerful than their ability of the individual to make ethical decisions. Consequently, this may have negative effects on the person’s behavior. Generally, a person’s decision making and behavior are not only determined by the personality of the person but also the situation/ environment that surrounds that person.

For instance, a manager in a business organization may be forced to compromise his/her mannerism and ability to make ethical decisions because of the situation present in the organization. Ethical decision making involves making choices that reflect the values and norms of the society and those that are acceptable by the members of the society. It is these decisions that determine how a person will behave in a normal situation and when faced with a challenging situation. Studies on human behavior have shown that the ability of an individual to make ethical decisions is affected by the underlying situations. Many of the people make decisions depending on the surrounding environment.

It is therefore not good to blame somebody wholly for the wrong behavior. First of all we should consider the present situation that may have impacted the person’s decision making and behavior. A good example that illustrate is a situation whereby the as operations manager in a company in my town had to fire some employees with no good reason after realizing that the company was experiencing financial constraints. This was not an ethical decision but the manager was forced by the prevailing situation. This clearly indicates that situations are more powerful than the individual ability to make ethical decisions and behave as expected.

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