Free «Forum» UK Essay Paper

Free «Forum» UK Essay Paper

To accomplish professionalism, an organization ought to adhere to the set standards that will ensure satisfaction of all the parties involved. In doing this, the rights and interest of both the masses and also the organization are protected and preserved. According to the oath of American Association of Advertising Agencies, it brings out the correct notion about professionalism. The whole idea is based on sticking to the legal regulation laws that pertain to advertising. The oath clearly highlights the mischief’s and predicaments associated with the advertisers and extend to which they can go. The kind of ill- intentions and exaggerations that an advertiser can be engaged in when reporting an incident are also brought out. Generally, if the oath is followed, then the predicaments and prejudices associated with the advertising industry would be minimized.

However, in the contemporary world, with regard to the oath of American Association of Advertising Agencies, this is not possible. The majority of the advertising industries have engaged in codes that are totally misleading the masses. The kind of reporting involved in such firms ignores the professional standards expected. There are a variety of advertisements that defy the ethics of the society such as advertisement of sex enhancing pills or Viagra, falls claims concerning humanity and the need to engage in drugs and alcoholism. This is exemplified by the kind of music advertised and industrial products such as alcohol. The engagement of an advertising firm to express such misleading concepts is basically due to moral decadence of the society and the desire to capture a greater audience. Furthermore, the need to remain relevant in the industry has made these firms to be involved in these misconducts.

As much as the American Association of Advertising Agencies alleges that they adhere to the components of their oath, there is no guarantee that they have never been engaged in mischievous and misguiding advertisements. Since humans are prone to error, the code upheld by this organization may have been broken at one time. In a nut shell, the oath presents the expected code expected from the advertising sector. However, in reality, this still remains as an objective to be achieved by the advertising industry.

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