Free «How elements of online learning enhances professional career» UK Essay Paper

Free «How elements of online learning enhances professional career» UK Essay Paper

Online learning cannot be effective without implementing its key elements. These include excellent organization of work, time management and effective communication between teachers and learners (Lewis & Whitlock, 2003).

Organization of work is not only crucial in online learning but in our day to day endeavors. In online learning, a learner should organize his/her work properly so that it will be easy to access files and other materials when required. By doing so, one ensures that there are no cases of time wastage while looking for materials or even loss of files (Lewis & Whitlock, 2003). With proper organization, a learner is able to determine when to complete the syllabus and when to submit assignments and examinations.

Time management is another challenge to online learning. There is a tendency of students failing to keep time as stipulated in the syllabus. The situation is even worse in online learning since there is little or no direct supervision from the teachers. Online learners are supposed manage their learning time well in order to achieve better results just like their counterparts in in-class learning (Bourne & Moore, 2004).

Effective communication is another important element without which online learning cannot be achieved. First of all, teachers and learner should have access to technology necessary for effective communication during learning. This will enable teachers and learners to exchange relevant information without difficulties (Ghaoui, 2003). Generally, effective communication enables online learners to enjoy privileges similar to those enjoyed by in-class learners.

When the above elements are observed, it is possible for an individual to acquire education necessary for his/her career profession without necessarily having to attend in-class learning. Online learning is much economical and efficient especially to those already working.

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