Free «Human Nature» UK Essay Paper

Free «Human Nature» UK Essay Paper

The discussion of human nature means little without a good understanding of the Oedipus Complex, described by Sigmund Freud. Freud’s ideas shook the world in his time, and still those who are not acquainted with his views are greatly astonished to find out how much Oedipal triangle influences our perception of other people and the whole world in general.

The main idea of the Oedipus Complex about the child who in his or her three-six years shows a distinct desire towards the parent of the opposite sex, makes me feel as uncomfortable as thousands of people feel when they learn about such a possibility. According to Freud, such incestuous longings make the child feel guilty, resulting in child’s superego becoming the ruler over the Oedipus Complex. During the adolescence, the same process starts again. This process also arises with the death of someone of the parents anew (Freud, 1976).

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The main problems which can occur when rejecting such sexuality are the inability to achieve success in life and satisfaction from what one is doing. Moreover, one can grow up an adult without becoming one emotionally.

In Freud’s opinion, this ‘core complex’ is the main cause for all possible neurosis as it i a corner stone of the behavior of a human being. The sexuality of the little children defines the sexuality of the adults. The more this sexuality is suppressed and rejected in the early childhood, the more the person is inclined to experience serious neurological problems in the adulthood (Freud, 1976).

Nonetheless certain unusualness and shocking nature of the Oedipus Complex, I find its need to being mastered a very important step on the way to future self-confidence and ability to enjoy each moment of life.

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To see the problem clearer, I would like to mention Freud’s discussion of the incest. He considers that the individual is faced with the incest temptation many times during his or her growth. The barrier is often transgressed in both reality and fantasy. The incest taboo is the basis of all possible prohibitions. Therefore, guilt was a powerful weapon to fight against rapacious and uncivilized impulses of sexual energy. With the growing sense of this guilt which is promoted by religions and governments, the society loses its happiness (Freud, 1976).

Continuing expressing my thoughts on the human nature, I would like to tackle the natural science and the views of Charles Darwin. In his work “The Origin of Species”, he states tthat no human beings and no animals have a really fixed nature. However, what we do have is a set of certain biological factors which make us look for those patters of life which can allow us to live in balance with our environment and ourselves (Darwin, 1979).

The continuation of the evolutionary theory on humans was, I guess, the most controversial subject of Darwin’s publication in his days, and still it remains a very burning topic across the whole world.

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Despite the fact that many scientists recognize the competition among humans the way Darwin described it, many of them do not agree with the opinion that such traditional virtues as love, compassion, and sympathy, are largely rooted in animal instincts. Darwin adds that these instincts are significantly strengthened and modified among humans due to the power of a well-known natural selection, by experiencing shame and approbation, by undergoing religious and educational influences (Darwin, 1979).

To conclude I would like to state that despite the rejection by many people of both of the theories – Freud’s and Darwin’s – the truth will remain the truth. We cannot go against our nature as it distinguishes who we are and how we go through life. The strongest wins.

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