Free «Psychologically Borne Disorders» UK Essay Paper

Free «Psychologically Borne Disorders» UK Essay Paper

The majority of psychologically borne disorders is initially found in children and can be a result of psychological or genetic disorder. However, it can be observed from the literature that disorders usually noticed in children do not have any physical elements. Physiologically or biologically borne disorders are usually found in early stages of life, but all of them cannot be detected till adult age is attained.

Many biological components, such as toxic chemicals, cause disorders i.e. disorder of learning, retardation, pervasive (autism), developmental disorders, interpersonal communication disorder, and personality disorder. Some psychologists specialize as to how these disorders are originated, but usually they are not detected in psychological observation, because it requires specific treatment and preparations (Widiger, 2000).

Elimination disorders are generally detected in psychological observation, but characteristically they are considered as a symptomatic display of other mental problems. Unruly behavior and attention-deficit disorder are very common and treated by psychologists; treatment is given to children along with their parents to cure these problems.

Bipolar and depression disorder frustration is considered separately, due to uniqueness and peculiarity of problems which are connected with disorder. Bipolar and depression were before known as maniacal-depressive disorder. Self-treatment in this case can be very dangerous. The signs and symptoms of dejection and also possibility of probable side effects are to be treated by the specialized. Recommendations and the treatment procedures should be conducted by physician/ psychologist, and it is a unique way for medication without side effects of medicine with the least risk.

The schizophrenia is a constant, rigid, and switching-off mental disease, which is found in every part of world. The severity of symptoms and model of schizophrenia often result in physical disabilities. People suffering with schizophrenia can have understanding of realism that considerably differs from the actuality by other people living around them. Antipsychotic medicines are developed these days and are relatively less dangerous than traditional antipsychotic. Risk cannot be eliminated fully as they can develop side-effects, such as weight increase. Besides, very high doses of medicines can cause problems, i.e. social abandonment, disarray, which affects body movement, and the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (Widiger, 2000).

Depression is considered as a very complex disease. There are many reasons leading to its appearance. While some people suffer from depression because of serious physical illness, other people suffer due to some life circumstances, for example, moving to another city or death of a loved one. Moreover, a hereditary factor also plays an important role in the predisposition to this disease. However, sometimes people, who tend to feel depressed and lonely without any apparent reason, are also prone to it.

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Depression can be treated by using psychotropic drugs, antidepressants, which are prescribed, and with the help of psychotherapy (it can be carried out by a psychotherapist or clinical psychologist). The depression treatment with antidepressants is absolutely necessary, because, in this state, frequent thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts start appearing. It is best advisable when antidepressant treatment is accompanied by psychotherapy (Coon, 2007).

Proper treatment in most cases can completely get rid of the symptoms of depression. Treatment with professionals is strongly recommended in case of depression. The main class of drugs for the treatment of depression is antidepressant medication. Nowadays, there are a variety of drugs in this group, including tricyclic antidepressants (amitriptyline, imipramine) that have been used since the late 50s. Recently, the number of antidepressants has increased significantly (Coon, 2007).

In my opinion, the only negative point is that antidepressants provoke psychological dependence. The treatment is usually 1 - 3 months. During this time the patient has time to get used to the medicine. A depression is over, but in case of arising of any stress or feelings, tablets are needed again.

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The problem is that these drugs only temporarily ease the patient's condition, but do not affect the internal source of depression. Any mental illness requires special emotional contact between doctor and patient. Only then the positive result of treatment can be achieved. Psychotherapy seeks to recover the lost person needs to communicate. It helps to understand the reasons that prevent him from living a full life. Negative attitudes and impressions left from childhood, discord in the family and at work hurt psyche a lot. Thus, people try to avoid the influence of these factors, which may be the underlying causes of mental disorders. If a person is morbidly sensitive, he or she is more prone to stress and emotional disturbances.

Psychotherapy helps to open the soul that had been deeply hidden. For heavy periods of life is the psychological term - "the way in the cold zone." However, passing this way intentionally, the patient would better know his/her own strength that would help to get rid of fear and anxiety and give an ability to look at life more confidently. Moreover, the desire to "get away from life" with the help of pills will not arise in the future.

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