Free «Alexander the Great» UK Essay Paper

Free «Alexander the Great» UK Essay Paper

Alexander the Great is a Macedonian king and commander of the big Empire that he created on his own. He is a creator of the world power and well-known as a one of the greatest generals in the history of the world. He was taught by Aristotle. After the death of his farther Philip II, Alexander ascended to the throne at the age of 20 years. He secured the northern borders of Macedonia and completed the subjugation of Greece. He took the rebellious city of Thebes. In the spring of 334 BC, he led the army that invaded into the Persian Empire. He needed seven years in order to complete the conquest of it. Alexander then began the conquest of India, but at the insistence of the soldiers retreated. Although he has not suffered a single defeat and came to the river Ganges. It was his dream to reach the end of the world, but he was defeated and his empire was disintegrated after his death. He could not hold his empire together due to the constant civil wars. Soon after the Indian campaign, he died in Babylon under mysterious circumstances. Because of the sudden death of the king several generals divided his empire. Despite the quick division of his conquest, the cities that were founded by Alexander and the Greek colonization of the distant territories facilitated to the spreading of Greek culture and language and the rapprochement with Eastern culture. During his conquest he established several cities. The most famous of them is Alexandria in Egypt. He became the role model for military leaders throughout the world. Some of the generals still teach his tactics.

Muhammad is an Arab preacher of monotheism and the prophet of Islam. He is a center figure of the Islam religion and according to Islamic teachings of the Muhammad. Muhammad was also a politician, founder and head of the Muslim community, which was strong and large state in the Arabian Peninsula during the course of his direct rule. He has lighter color of skin than ordinary Arabs. While preaching among the mountains he reported that he received the revelations from God. Three year later, he started to teach that the God is one and he is a prophet of God. Muhammad occupies the highest position among other prophets that are recognized by the Islam. According to the Islam, the belief in the prophetic mission of Muhammad is mandatory for all people, including Christians and Jews. According to the teachings of Islam, Muhammad is the last prophet and messenger of Allah. Islam recognizes the Bible and often points out that the Bible tells about Prophet Muhammad. He has been many times criticized for his marriages, military campaigns and preaching monotheism.

Muhammad is on the list of most influential person in history.

Confucius was the ancient Chinese thinker and philosopher. His teachings had a profound impact on the lives of China and East Asia and became the basement for a philosophical system known as Confucianism. In the age of twenty years, he became known as the first professional educator of the China. From early childhood, Confucius has worked and lived in poverty. Later, he understood the necessity to be a cultured person and began his education. He went on a trip around China accompanied with his students. During the trip he tried to convey his ideas to the rulers of different regions. At the age of sixty years, Confucius returned home and spent the last years of his life, teaching new students. Confucian ideal is to create a harmonious society in the ancient manner, in which every person has a function. Confucius School was one of the many destinations in the intellectual life of the Warring States in the period known as the Hundred Schools. The Confucianism reached the status of a state ideology, which survived until the beginning of the 20th century. This led to the exaltation of the figure of Confucius and even incorporated him into a religious pantheon.

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