Free «Civil War and the Reconstruction» UK Essay Paper

Free «Civil War and the Reconstruction» UK Essay Paper

There is a direct link between the civil war era and the reconstruction era. It was after the end of the era of the civil war that the reconstruction happened. The civil was one of the largest military conflicts in the American world. It was a conflict between the World War I and the Napoleonic wars. There was a loss of over 600,000 American lives, which was larger than the number of the victims of the first and Second World War combined. There were far reaching social consequences. There were drastic changes to the financial system of the American society. The reasons for the escalation of the war were mainly political, but there was an influence from the elected president who opposed the expansion of slavery. There was a division in the states during the war, and there were captures of different cities by the opposing group.

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There was a plea to flee the slaves voluntarily, but it came to a futile end. This led the then president, Abraham Lincoln, to the decision that there was a military and political necessity for there to be emancipation. This proclamation escalated the war from a conflict to save the union into a war aimed at abolishing slavery. During the war era, there was change in some of the acts in the American parliament. There was an ease with which white settlers could own land and African Americans could find listing. There was a raise in tariffs, income taxes were imposed on all the public employees and federally chartered banks were introduced.

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During the war, there were policies that altered the American Society. There was free ownership of land to the western settlers, and slavery was abolished. There was a raise in the tariffs and grants for the constructions and improvements of their transport sector. There was a loss in numerous troops during the world war, and numerous soldiers died in the struggle to abolish slavery. Although there was abolishment of slavery in the society, there was a lot of social destruction and a loss in the identity of the people.

The reconstruction era came at a time just after the end of the civil war. After the end of the Second World War, there were detrimental consequences on the future of the nation. The reconstruction aided in setting a pattern for future race relations. The era also helped the government cement its role in promoting racial equality. After the world war, the all-white legislation of the southerners passed codes that denied black individuals to rent or purchase land. There was a section of the House of Commons that wanted the slaves to resume their work in the plantations, but it was put on hold due to new power arrangements.

It was the purpose of the reconstruction governments to draw up fair and legislative state boundaries. The white also resumed their power to vote, therefore could make political decisions. There was a provision of debt relief, respect for the rights of the women and establishments of the state founded schools. For a long time, the white natives and the black immigrants could not interact freely. The reconstruction era changed the society’s perspective of society and changed their viewpoints for the better.

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There was a tendency of the natives to discriminate against the blacks, hence the cause of the civil war. Due to the effects of the civil war, there was need for the reconstruction era. It was a cause for the balance in the society that was direly needed by the non-white immigrants. The civil war era led to the reconstruction era since there needed to be a balance and equality in the society and in the resources offered.

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