Free «History Assignment» UK Essay Paper

Free «History Assignment» UK Essay Paper

Who are the Tupamaros? How have the Tupamaros influenced terrorism?

Tupamaros refers to a group of urban guerrillas who lived in Uruguay between early 1960’s to the late 1980’s (Minster, 2013). During that period, as many as five thousand Tupamaros members operated in that country. Initially, the group had an understanding that bloodshed was the last resort to attaining improved social justice. However, their methods became more violent because military government attacked the citizens. Democracy returned in the mid 1980s as the movement went legit and laid down their weapons with an aim of becoming part of the political process. This group influenced terrorism in various ways. For instance, in the year 1962, the group attacked and destroyed property belonging to the Uruguay Union Confederation. This event resulted to death of an innocent nursing student. During the early 1960s, this group committed several low-level crimes including robberies, rape and unreasonable destruction of property. In the year 1966, massive confrontation between the police and the group members was realized (Minster, 2013). Most of the group leaders went underground because of fear where they regrouped and prepared for more actions. This behavior encouraged terrorism through engaging in tarrying activities.

What countries were involved in the Six-Day War in 1967? How did it start? How did it end? What is the relationship between Six-Day War and the emergence of terrorism?

The six-day war involved Arab countries (Jordan, Syria and Egypt) and Israel, which began as an independence war. This war began following a built up of tension between Arab countries and Israel in 1960s (Palestine Facts, 2012).  This is after Israel embarked on implementing a plan, The National Water Carrier that was aimed at pumping water from Galilee Sea for irrigation purposes in central and south Israel. This plan was a proposal from US envoy, Eric Johnson in the year 1955 with an agreement from engineers from Arab countries. Later, Arabic governments declined to take part claiming that Israel has received much recognition from the US government causing the outbreak of the Six-day war. The war ended after the United Nations brokered an end of hostilities (Palestine Facts, 2012). However, Israel became victorious against the Arabs threatening the Jews and taking control of the territories two-fold. Israel seized Old Jerusalem city, which was marked as a historical victory. Since Johnson succeeded Kennedy in the year 1963, he had a soft spot for Jews and helped them flee to America to escape persecution from Nazi (Palestine Facts, 2012). He also considered Middle East as the greatest enemies of his government and the whole world. This did not please Arab countries and tension continued mounting leading to terrorism as these countries were fighting Israel, which in turn was defended by America.

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