Free «History» UK Essay Paper

Free «History» UK Essay Paper

The population in the colonies was illiterate, because education was available only for the wealthy people. However, the bourgeoisie and the landowners took over the idea of English philosophy. There were intellectuals, lawyers, doctors and thinkers who fought for human rights, the development of capitalist enterprise, and the expansion of colonies government. The colonies developed manufacture and trade accordingly. The rapid economic growth of the colonies encouraged them to be free from unreasonably high taxes and bans on the production of certain goods. In the 60s, the colonial oppression increased further. After the war with France, Britain sought to compensate for military spending and improve financial situation.

English traders openly protested against the manufactory in the colonies. Trading with other countries in the colonies has been forbidden for a long time, but smuggling has taken an enormous proportions. In fact, many prohibitions were poorly observed, not paying attention. Since 1761, the British government began to require their strict implementation and has issued the relevant law. In 1765, It was passed the Stamp Act, saying, that all trading and other civil documents levied stamp duty. Besides, England stationed ten thousand troops and ordered the inhabitants of the colonies to provide housing, to give them food, furniture and objects for their convenience. That’s how metropolis hoping to control taxation in order to avoid tax evasion. Size of taxies, which impose from Americans, was about five times more than fees from the English people. The colonists knew that the tax system was established for the interests of the mother country, not for the development of the overall economy. Any American was not invited for discussion of this project. In 1765, New York was collected "Congress against the stamp collection" represents a large part of the colonies. He has developed the Declaration of rights of the colonies. Organizations fighting began to appear almost in all colonies against the British aggressors. They called themselves the Sons of Liberty, burned effigies and houses of the British officials. Among the leaders of the Sons of Liberty was John Adams, who became one of the founders of the United States and the second president of the country. In 1966, England abolished the Stamp Act due to the actions of the Sons of Liberty. However, it claimed that it has right to legislate without consulting with the representatives of the colonies. In 1967, such products as tea, paper, paint, glass that were imported to the American colonies, were exempt from customs duties. As a result of agitation among the colonists against the use of these products, England did not receive the full income from them. In 1770, it led to the abolition of customs duties for all goods, except tea. Agricultural policy of the British government, supported from tenants of the solid ground rent in favor of large landowners, also caused the collision between people and power. In 1968, farmers in North Carolina, which rent royal land, got together to fight for the abolition of solid ground rent, the introduction of paper money and the release of those arrested for debt. Patriotic circles of the bourgeoisie, the planters and the people did not want to recognize the right of Britain to impose new levies colonies without their consent. In 1774, the British government passed a law on the transfer of the vast space between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. This deprived the people of New England and the Virgin planters of opportunity to occupy new ground in the north-west. In 1774, the Continental Congress convened representatives of the colonies. He did not dare to break with England, but urged the colonies to boycott the British goods, and appealed to the King to provide more rights to the colonies. However, proponents of decisive action created armories, organized a group of local militia and guerrilla groups, ready for the first alarm to act against the British troops. July 4, 1776, the Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.

Hence, the terror and humiliation of people in the American colonies lasted for many years. England has led the colonists into frenzy by its policy decisions. And they had no choice, but to fight for their rights. The Declaration of Independence has only increased the desire of Americans to become independent in economic and other decisions. The eight-year war was the main event in the U.S. history.

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