Free «Hollywood Movie Industry» UK Essay Paper

Free «Hollywood Movie Industry» UK Essay Paper

Films and television have a huge audience world wide. Move and films have managed to gain polarity due to the ambitious activities of move and film creators such and the movie making giants based in Hollywood. Certainly Hollywood has managed to stamp it is authority in the movie making industry influencing the world to a greater extent.  In fact chances are at least 8 movies of television programs out of the ten you have watched recent are products of hollowed. Don’t be surprised to realize that all the ten movies you have watched recently in theatres or television were produced in Hollywood. These movies in most cases portray the American culture influencing the whole world. As can be seen by in movies produced in recent times from other area, the influence of the American movies has been felt even in countries with a strong culture of their own such as Japan and Australia. Indeed Poultney (2004) observes that the Australian movie and television industry is completely dominated by the influence of American movies produced in Hollywood. The American economic domination has ensured that the movies are produced at a relatively economical level in Hollywood. Compared with the high cost of producing movies in other parts of the world, movie producer in these parts are incapacitated to some extend. As a result many people find solace in importing movies from Hollywood and Movies Theater around the world seems to serve as outlets to the Hollywood products. As a result people are glued to screens watching violent movies which have negative effect on the young minds and increase the crime rate as the youths ape the culture portrayed in the movies. This situation seems to be contagious and spread through out the world. 

The origin of the Hollywood movie industry.

The Hollywood movie industry started at the beginning of the 20th century. Initial “Vaudeville shows” had been prominent but soon lost popularity. This made entrepreneurs to try something else especially their movie making skills. A movie director, D. W. Griffith with his team started producing films in Los Angels in 1910 producing his first movies “In old Californian” before relocate to Hollywood  district within Los Angels in Californian. Later, research revealed several suitable hotspots for production of movies in Hollywood. The “Birth Of A Nation” was produced later by Griffith and was considered to be the pioneer of the Hollywood movie industry.

The industry started to expand gradually as ambitious people started top emerge controlling a host of movies studios. In order to avoid American-centralism the movie maker produce universal movies which no doubt captivated the area of the world they reached. By the Zenith of the popularity if this movie industry, the industry was producing an average of 400 movies annually and hand an audience of over 90, 000, 000 Americans weekly.

According to Epand (2010) the movies were however rejected in several countries around the world due to poor sound production and synchronizations. The techniques used for synchronizations were totally primitive. Furthermore the movie could not make it in foreign markets due to linguistic barriers. These problems were letter handled through introduction of parallel language version and advancing the synchronization technology which made the sound dubbing to become more realistic.

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The years between 1920 and 1950 was considered to by the golden age of the Hollywood movie industry. At this time, the industry experience tremendous success which was attributed to the use of musical animated cartoon and the western slapstick comedy. Movie studios employed the services of creative teams to aid it the production of the movies and animations. At this time, the most notable movie studios were MGM, RKO and Warner Bros. every studio processed it own unique characteristic. It is however surprising to note the unique traits are no longer visible movie produced the present day studios including the pioneer studios which are still vibrant. Movie makers at this time were all artists and creative people resulting in every movie having it own unique flavor. Classics such as “Gone with the wind,” “Casablanca,” “Wuthering heights” among other shock the industry enjoying huge popularities  developments in the 1940s lead to separation of exhibitions form production and the development of television lead to the decline in the studio system that had been very popular all along (Epand, 2010).

At this time, postclassical cinemas lead to the emergence of directors from an entirely new school of thought. These directors came up with new strategies and techniques which were an improvement to the existing one.  The production of new movies base of these techniques gave Hollywood a whole new dimension. 

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With new independent films, another new generation of movie makers took over the center stage. The new generation became more focused making movies that were uniquely critical, contradictory, innovative and unconventional.  The movie industry became very financially successful and became part of popular culture thus becoming very influential. The change from one generation to another, passage of directors and their styles as well as their innovations helped develop intellectually intriguing and thought stimulating productions thus spicing the history of Hollywood movie industries.

Why the Hollywood movie are dominant and influential.

The world wide dominance of the Hollywood movies I no doubt the sour of it the ability of Hollywood to influence the world. The Hollywood movie industry has developed over a century and has accumulated a lot of wealth giving employment to good actors in America.  The dominance of the American economy in the world has also aided to the dominance and influence processed by Hollywood. Economical Hollywood movie makers are able to produce good movies at lower cost compared to other produces in other countries.  In despite the enabling economic environment, the producing companies have the financial ability to produce movies requiring very complicated or expensive settings. These factors have enabled Hollywood to produce numerous captivating movies filled with unique creativity. The moves are further easily distributed through out the world through trade links and the internet or electronic media such as televisions. As a result the Hollywood movies are readily everywhere as if the were locally produced in this areas.

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Theater around the world exhibit these movies to the crowd of insatiable crows as TV channel feed then with programs that are produced by the same movies Hollywood movie maker. Certainly, are very influential. Being part of popular culture, many fans of movies get carried way with what they are watching and try to practice it with no regard to the consequences of their actions. According to Maltby (2004) the Hollywood movies are vary popular and influential because they a majority of the basically carry and encouraged a dominant ideology thought. Although a few movies try to subvert the dominant thought most movies show explicit political ideology and racialism among other content that people would like to pre-occupy themselves with and as such attract a large following.

The influence enjoyed by a move may also depend of its technicalities, the commercial success and the actors staring in the move. Some people tend to worship stars as if they are their personal gods. Movie influence individual people, fashion, technology and other movie industry which all impact on the culture

The influence of the movies.

The influence of the Hollywood movies is has been a subject of great debate for a while. Different group s of people considers the influence detrimental while some consider them to have a positive influence.

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According to Miller Hollywood’s productions impact negatively on the society and are currently becoming an obsession for people who otherwise enjoy healthy normal life styles worldwide. This obsession is like an epidemic that some people can hardly survive without a gossip magazine. Hollywood movies impart on people a confused idea of beauty and start looking at certain body types as desirable and others as undesirable. Children as you as 12 years old are exposed to models looking “sexy” in movies and photos and also crave the size 0 that is advocated for within the movie industry. Most people start convincing themselves that they are not good enough and start aping the celebrity lifestyles as well as what is exhibited in movies. Such actions are not only limited to the teens but also people as old as 40. Actually people forget that celebrities are actual people and have the same feelings the like they do. People watch violent scenes in movies and become violent to. Many young people world wide engage in criminal activities such as stealing, killing and drug abuse.  Many people including these celebrities have died of drug overdose yet the allure to try drugs caused by the movies does not wane. Furthermore, the young people are encouraged by the movies to fornicate, an activity that exposes them to infections by STIs and the HIV/AIDS. Violent movies can make violent people become more violent and harm others. Once the movies have eroded ones culture one become a copycats trying to dress and behave like his or her favorite celebrity. As stated before, some become anorexic as they strive to reach size 0.  Many people now crave expensive dinner and get away like what they see in movies.

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The other group of debater insists that movies are generally good and have little or no negative influence at all. On of those who belong to this school of thought is Doggett who argues that Hollywood should not be taken for what it is or for reality either (Doggett, 2002). According to Doggett (2002) most people fails to draw the line between the two. Certainly, movies just like poems, oral literature and novels are a medium of culture transmission that helps to share culture around the world. Hollywood movies as such expose the rest of the world to American culture and it is upon people to pick what they perceive as being positive to them and leave what their native culture can not permit or condone.

As Doggett (2002) asserts, Hollywood has numerous outlooks which in the recent times have become more sensible to real life situations, dramas and stories. The society now finds it easier to relate with celebrities since it is clear that they are humans just like everyone else. The Hollywood movies have positively influenced people in a manner that the can now deal with issues they could never have faced before such as weight gain and weight loss, family problems and family issues. Furthermore, people have been enabled to deal with health issues, drug issues and even their sexuality.  Coupled with the development of website, blogs and other interaction channels people can now interact with movies stars get to know the m sometimes at a personal level.

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Current plus size women can now appreciate their size and love themselves. The involvement of movie stars in awareness programs such as cancer programs, HIV programs has also improved the perception of individuals toward these stars. Hollywood has further encouraged many people to donate to charity. For instance, many celebrities have generous contributed to donation of funds and sensitize the world to donate to the victims of the Haiti disaster. The introduction or real TV has encouraged people to participate in many activities world wide.  These are developments the many funs of Hollywood certainly take pride in.

The influence of Hollywood on Asia and Japanese Animations

The influence of Hollywood is also evident in Asia. Hollywood movies are watched all over the Asian continent. Hollywood and Asia seem to be influencing one another with Asian actors making their mark in Hollywood and Hollywood directors and movie makers shooting movies in Asia. According to Klein (2003) this is the effect of the process of globalization. This can also be perceived as globalization of Hollywood. Despite the growth of the Asian movie industry being tremendous in the last decade, the growth is largely overshadowed by the domination by the Hollywood movies. This is a product of open market that allows goods to move freely from one country to another. This trend started in the 1980s and currently about 96% of movies watched in Taiwan, 65% in Japan and 78% of those watched in Thailand were produced in produced in Hollywood (Klein, 2003).

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In addition to trade liberalization, economic development has encouraged the development of privately owned television channels that air these Hollywood products. Furthermore, the development of new video technologies, satellites and cable TV has created distribution channels beyond the reach of the Asian movie industries. As much as the exhibitors and distributer welcome these developments as opposed to the production units that are always ill prepared for new development. Meanwhile the Hollywood products become more readily available.

As the Asians become exposed to these movies they are influenced in one way or another. This influence affects both the audience and Asian movie makers. The most notable effect of this influence is evident in the Japanese animations and commercials.  The Japanese animations which are current famous around the world were developed out of a strong influence of the Hollywood movies. And certainly the Hollywood stylistic entertainment is evident in the production of these animations. The Japanese animators have creatively selected and incorporated into animations to an extent that they are being re-imported back to Hollywood by the Hollywood movie creators. This certainly proves that the Japanese directors have been able to get rid of cultural dependence but created interdependence.

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However some analysts believe that the Japanese animation industry developed on it is own independent of the Hollywood influence. They state that only influence is that Hollywood pioneered in the field of animation in the mid 20th century in. according to Drazen (2003) Japanese animations bear no resemblance the animations made in the west. This could mean that the Japanese animators developed their ideas separately from the western ideas. They are unique in their own way. Drazen (2003) also notes that Japanese produce animation for general audience not children alone. These cartoons explore several themes ranging from love, death, marriage, war, peace history and also the anticipated future. The Japanese animations are entirely designed fro the Japanese local market unlike those produced in America which are sometimes designed for expert (Drazen, 2003). In fact, until recently the Japanese were less concerned with the external market. The produced their animation portraying the Japanese culture and how life should be lived. This can be clearly assumed to mean that the Japanese animation have nothing in common with Hollywood despite the fact the fast animation were produced in Hollywood in between the world wars championed by Max and Brown Fisher. This was later followed between creative productions by creative animators such as Walt Disney. Certainly, animation industry in Japan is increasing its popularity. Currently is a major animation producer in the world other than Hollywood.

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Asian movies maker have also find it difficult to penetrate into the American markets as Hollywood poaches Asian actors. Initially Asian movie maker found it I hard to penetrate the American markets. A few like Jacky Chan tried but found it difficult. Chan failed to make it because the American Director tried to make him into a kind of western Hero. However, when the director allowed him to perform what he normally did in his movies in Asia, the out come was very impressive and movie produced like Rush Hour 1&2, Shanghai Knights among other had a large audience (Klein, 2003). Hollywood movie maker realized that combining various aspects from different countries can be very useful in penetrating new markets. This must have been the source of globalization of Hollywood. Currently Hollywood has taken a global outlook and it is quickly incorporating different culture in the making of movies. As such it becomes increasingly challenging to classify a move as American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, and French among others. These moves portray a mix of cultures exactly what globalization is about (Klein, 2003).


The Hollywood effects have been felt on the entire globe. Hollywood creativity and innovativeness has played a great role in ensuring threat the movie industry continue to produce entertaining masterpieces. The movies industry greatly benefited from a strong foundation laid down by the early movie maker who positioned themselves in Hollywood. The build a long lasting tradition in move production that was picked up the new generation moviemakers who modify them and pass then down to incoming ones. This ensures the continuation of streak of influential material continues. The influence of these movies can be seen from to perspectives; either as being negative or being positive.  Erosion of cultures has been attributed to these movies which entice the audience to adopt new aspect the see in movies. The movies have also been attributed to a host of vices such as deviant sex behaviors, drug abuse and other. This is however not entirely true. The Hollywood despite having a few negative impact has had tremendous effect on people entertaining them and making them learn to appreciate and participate in charitable activities such as raising donations for the victims of Haiti Earthquake disaster. As such, it would be entirely wrong to look at the influence of the Hollywood culture on other cultures of the world as being negative. Movies generally serve as a medium of culture transfer and transformation. Also evident is the Globalization of Hollywood which has lead to incorporation of other world cultures into movies thus giving them a global outlook. Unfortunately, the globalization has negative effects on the movie industries of other nations limiting their influence. Hollywood director poach movie talent from other countries a good example of this being Jacky Chan. Asian movie industry for instance face stiff competition form Hollywood movies. They simply can’t keep up with the dominance. However, the movie industries can borrow a leaf from Hollywood. The Japanese animation industry seems to have perfectly done this although some critics remain adamant stating that the Japanese animation industry has no influence from the west but is entirely a Japanese development.

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