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Free «Independence of a Nation» UK Essay Paper




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In the wake of the contemporary system of governance and expansion of democratic space, a country like the United States that has traversed through great historical times and placed itself as the leader of the free world ought to chart her own course. The era of colonial ideology fixation and dictatorial ideas should not be a fact any longer in the United States. Certainly, the pursuit of global peace and economic prosperity defines the need of English and American governments to work together, however, the basis of this discourse should be about mutual respect and consensus.

In order to appreciate the need to develop a freewill country whose elected leaders take charge of issues, historical analysis how great American people suffered the ruthless of British colonies. According to November 10, 2011 that is famously referred to as the America independence declaration in the 21st century, a quick look on the effects of colonialism and need to liberate the nation from her colonial master was adequately analyzed. Sadly, dissenting voice that England was still waging war on ideologies and actual manipulation came out strongly. Over two hundred years ago, the colonial effects have returned to haunt people’s free will and, therefore, need to fight neocolonialism with a tight fist (Chasteen & Wood, 2004).

Areas of concern include how England over recent years is engaging in manipulation of the sovereignty through internal affairs intrusion. It took deliberate physical fights, and a congressional declaration over two centuries ago to oust the cruel hand of colonialism. The pain of oppressions, the lives that were lost, destruction of property that occurred in 18th century reminds this great nation to secure the independence jealously. Sadly, the perilous hand of the former colonialist seems to direct the policy framework through crafty manipulation (Gordon & Shapiro, 2004).

Today, Americans are confronted with myriad of global politics characteried by wars with the east while the economy is at the free fall. These global concerns have a tendency of independence loss to the former colonial masters. Notably, Britain’s intelligent call to stabilize the war zone Iraq and series of United Nations Security Council that were held under the umbrella of the United Nations (Dobson & Shawross, 2004). As things stand now the great effects of war married with great economic depression of 2009 experienced in the U.S are now being felt across the United States. It was through the efforts of British government, that the United States got involved into Iraq wrangles. Although the need to offer a solution to war-torn countries is a global mission worth pursuing, the British government has since left the burden of war exclusively to the U.S. (Lykogiannis, 2002).

Secondly, today America is confronted with imposition of authoritarian rule that stands to impede democracy and the rule of law. Arguably, there is a hand of imperialism that now stands between the progressive party politics and regressive parties (Chasteen & Wood, 2004). During the rule of King George, the British government was adamant in acting against all petitions presented by the United States as a colony of the Britain. Recently, the GOP Congress declined to President Obama proposals that touched on the lives of Americans.

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According to Kuzmarov (2012), just like the 1776 Continental Congress, the time has come for the nation to stand tall against seditious manipulation and embark on a journey of reforms and revolution of leadership. As a superpower, the British seem to engage the state in a series of warfare that are unlikely to yield much, whereas the dwindling resources continue to diminish further. If the government continues to yield to pressure from the former colony, there will be an unending trend of ideological colonialism, and soon the sovereignty of a formal institution will be subjected to proxy controls from external powers. No amount of coercion or arm twisting should divulge the efforts of the common good and equal partnership.

In the light of susceptibility to internal and forreign affairs intrusion, the congress and senate should stand for the people and most importantly speak and make rational decisions. Moreover, this argument does not negate the critical role that the U.S government has through its agencies and troops, though the decision on what mission to undertake and the goals should rest on the Congess (Gordon & Shapiro, 2004).

After the world war, the United Kingdom and the U.S have collaborated positively in many occasions in defense and keeping the world free from war and terrorism. However, this continued collaboration in the recent past has turned into a tug of war on who has to control joint military operations. Unfortunately, the U.K. with the clear colonial mindset tend to assume to be automatically the uppermost point of reference, and their parliament naively attempts to make legislation on warfare that are supposedly applicable (Dobson & Shawross, 2004). The force for mutual respect and goodwill should guide the operation involving these two economies.

Although on the economic front the government is able to sustain it's internal market, the foreign trade strives overt between England and the U.S. No single country is self-sufficient, but export and import trade in bilateral agreements should not be dictated by one party. The United States supported the U.K in times of crisis had been incredible. One of the remarkable salvages occurred in 1945, following the Second World War. Thhhe U.S gave a 3.75 $ billion support to facilitate recovery after the devastating effects of war (Lykogiannis, 2002).

Towards the end of the Cold War and the aftermath of the British economic crisis, the economic relations between the two countries significantly improved. It is undeniable that the two nations owe each other a great deal of gratitude since their future depends on their mutual success. This argument suggests this mutual socio-economic ties should not be on the framework of the colonial mindset. The trend in contemporary development and democratic progress is pegged on the mutual benefits and equality in transactions.

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