Free «Labor Movement» UK Essay Paper

Free «Labor Movement» UK Essay Paper

The rights of the labor movement and the manner with which the working class run their organization have changed over the years. There is a substantial disparity in the manner with which individuals run labor organizations over the years. There is no comparison between the manner with which these organizations are operated and run over the years. Different organizations and labor movements used different strategies to ensure the success of their organizations. The strategies they used differ in a significant way and there are differences in the outcomes of the causes they sought to support (Remini, 2008). This research paper is an analysis of the manner with which labor organizations have changed today, and have increased in power they yield over the labor market. It also seeks to explain the main ways they have attained the success they yield today as opposed to earlier eras in history.

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Over the years, labor movements have always been divided in their tactics and aims. Some movements want social change while others focus on wages and benefits. Some unions desired to organize their members into industrial organizations, whereas others felt the need to organize their skilled workers into craft organizations. The success rate of the different organizations, however, can be measured b the satisfaction that the members derive from their participation in the organization. The most efficient strategy in ensuring they increase their power and success rate is to have more aggressive organizing among skilled laborers (Remini, 2008).

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To classify the labor movement as a single entity would be undermining the efforts of the individuals who take their time and participate in the activities of the organization. There are different categories of workers from different sectors of the economy, and they have differing goals. For this reason, there needs to be more aggressive organization amongst the workers. This means that there will be more coordinated activities in the movement, and there is room for improvement in the operations. Different categories of employees can work on the different aspects of their employment that are primary to their needs. More aggressive organization will ensure conflict within the different labor markets. It will also ensure a reduction in the conflicts that occur between workers and their employees. Focusing on wages is mot the core focus of the labor movements; there are more pressing fundamental issues such as the rights of the employees and an improvement in their working conditions.

Other that having more aggressive organization among tthe skilled laborers, the labor union can use feminist organizations. The labor union can support feminist organizing because it is a cause close to the welfares of the workers. There are different causes in the society aimed at increasing equality and empowering women entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in the country. (Remini, 2008). This will ensure that the fight for the rights of women workers has been respected, and they have been given the same opportunities and rights as women. If the labor movement manages to support feminist organizing, they have managed to include women workers in their union hence increasing their power and success.

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It is vital that the society respects the rights of their working women, and the movement can increase their success rate by incorporating women in their operations. Women yield a certain power in the society because of precision and zeal with which they run their operations. The strategies they have in place are successful, and they have dedication and determination to succeed. Having them in their organization will ensure that they have the right to a free and fair ground and environment to carry out their work. Also, incorporating them in the world helps the organization by gaining more members who are women. With more members, they can run their cause effectively.

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