Free «The American Revolution» UK Essay Paper

Free «The American Revolution» UK Essay Paper

According to the 18th century, the British Constitutional Theory was the equilibrium of power in government that safeguarded the liberty. There was the monarchial constituent or the Crown, an aristocratic component or the hereditary House of the Lords, and the republican or the popular element; the House of Commons. However, varied to our modern notions of elections, the actual procedures by which the members of Parliament were selected were miscellaneous, sometimes almost unintelligible. Government in the imperial colonies in the North America ware modeled on the British systems. The legal governor upended in for the pinnacle, a royally appointed council assuming the place of aristocratic House of Lords, as well as elected assembly on behalf of the people. Further, as the population shifts happened, a new set in lower houses was made so that assemblies accurately signified the whole population. However, there was a point of inequality in representation. Therefore, there arose the America revolution. This paper seeks reflect on the global dimensions of American history

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The aspect that everything would be got from Britain pissed the other colonists. This is an aspect which denotes that Britain was after power. It did not exercise the correct powers needed to run the empire. This is an aspect that forced the Americans to fight against them. This implied that their rights were being surpassed. This aspect is one which led one of the immigrants format a letter that clearly outlined consequences. The author of the letter stated that the rights and liberty of Americans was at stake and was dwindling. The writer went ahead and explained that America was a thorn in the feet of Britain, and it deserved to be granted its freedom. The perspective that Voices of Freedompresents to its viewers is mainly one of the expressions of the disenfranchised or under-represented in the United States history. Professor Foner marks an intensive effort to deliver how the average citizens suffered the history happening around them and troupes them as participants in that drama. Therefore, it attempted to acquire taxes directly from colonies rather than trade regulation. By enacting the stamp tax act without colonial knowledge, the parliament challenged local elite authority that had great powers on money spending and raising.

This revolution is one which saw Britain quit from supporting other colonialists and which saw them owe debts that have cost the country. This aspect made Britain struggle through thick and thin to pay the debt that squandered almost all the revenue that was collected annually. This aspect made the other colonialists come together to the aid of Britain to ensure that some of the acts set could not have complications affecting it. The law that demanded that the British government had the power to search all the other colonialists for cases of smuggling was not taken lightly by these colonsts. The other law introduced was the one which saw the colonialists pay taxes.

      The other law introduced was revenue law, which saw different goods entering the other colonists’ nation pass through Britain. Among the first revolts that occurred include one which rejected the stamp act. This acts provided that anything in use needed to have an official stamp. This law was put in place without the legal consent of the other colonists. This aspect is one which made the colonists claim that their liberty was at stake, and it was dwindling. The empire British claimed was seen as one where its entire people had freedom which enjoyed home. This is an aspect that disregarded the fact that all people were branded as subjected who lived under the parliament.

The revolts against some of the set rules and laws saw part of the colonialists plan a boycott where they stopped participating in various activities. This aspect made the parliament abolish the stamp act. The whole aspect of these laws revolved around ones sensitive aspect and field of liberty. This aspect brought about drama as many people made coffins which symbolized that liberty was being buried. This aspect made many cling to the Boston tree where it was later branded as the liberty tree. Several meetings were held near this tree and this aspect gradually took up leading to that place branded as liberty hall. This aspect also made the British retreat and completely abolishes the stamp regulation. This was also steered by the act which stated that all could pay taxes but one which made them demand that their liberty was being undermined.

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This revolution is one which did not fight to achieve liberty as explained. This fight was aimed all at power. Looking and focusing on various issues it can be deduced that, what the Americans fought for was not liberty, but more of the power. This is also evident in the case when the Americans urge the other colonialists to reject the act of stamp. This aspect has come strongly to bring the aspect that Americans were not after their liberty, but after the power.

The Americans were known to reject any bill that was legalized by Britain. This is evident in the bill they rejected that wanted each individual to pay taxes. This revenue was one that could be used by the British to offset part of their huge debts. This is clearly outlined that the Americans were not all about liberty but after the power.

Some of these boycotts were used as baits for the Britain. This is the aspect that is confirmed when the Americans boycott to export and buy any goods that emanated from Britain. This led to the abolishment of various taxes, which were imposed on various gooods that were meant for import and export. This aspect is what made the British abolish various laws.

The boycott was the rod that was used and which was known to strike hard to those who opposed it. This aspect is seen when the Americans demand that the stamp act be abolished. The word liberty was the word which was used when any boycott began. This boycott saw this act abolished. This boycott trend is one which was constantly adorned. This aspect is one which made this law also abolished instantly. This is an aspect which the Americans claimed that their liberty was at stake.

The American urged colonists to be against Britain to arm. This is evident when the Americans urge others to resist and reject any law that is formed. This brought various problems as Britain had a bigger problem solving and dealing with this aspect. These boycotts were known to be a tool which could result to fighting. This aspect was what made Britain abolish part of its plan. The Americans used it to entice others to fight against British. This aspect is one which did not auger well with some of the opposing colonists.

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Britain acted as the mother to all colonists. It housed the parliament and all the colonist leaders had to converge to Britain for the regular meetings. The aspect that Britain was in debt because of the war was one aspect that made them act in a very awkward way. This made them impose heavy taxes, which were supposed to be paid by all colonists. These taxes were, however, passed without the consent of the other colonists. This aspect is one which made the American revolt against Britain. This is an aspect that can be derived that Britain used excessive power over others. This is an aspect which was supposed to be stopped. This implies that all what Britain wanted was to manipulate the others and get all the support they needed to pay their debts.

The grant given to America to become a free state made Britain announce that it wanted to achieve absolute and full power over the other colonist. This is a factor that clearly outlines that Britain was after power and not liberty. This empire wanted to acquire total favor over the others. This is a clear indication that clearly shows that the rights of the people were not considered effectively. This is an aspect that could facilitate any state to start a revolution to fight for its rights.

In conclusion, the American Revolution is one which was filled with twists and turns. This revolt is one which took a considerable long time to end. The Americans are, however, seen to have led most of the boycotts that were experienced. The Americans had the right to fight for their liberty, which had been compromised by Britain which aspired to have full control over all colonists. This control is one which made the rights of the people surpassed by aspirations. Americans, however, used the power and excuse of liberty to start any boycott. Americans, however, can be spotted to as fighting for total independence that they aspired to achieve.

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