Free «The Role which Railroads Played in the America's Industrial Revolution» UK Essay Paper

Free «The Role which Railroads Played in the America's Industrial Revolution» UK Essay Paper

Railroads played an important role in the American Industrial Revolution. Even though, there were other means of transport, railroads were more advantageous in that the costs of transport were less, and the large quantities of goods could be transported.

In the first place, railroads encouraged huge transport of raw materials to the industries. Since the transport costs were low, industries bought the amount of raw materials they wanted, and this encouraged the increased production in the industries. Since the trains travelled for long distances and the railway lines were all over, cheap raw materials could be bought from the furthest part of the United States. Trains also facilitated delivery of more goods to the market. The train helped to supply the finished goods to various parts of the United States at very low costs. This means that industries increased their sales by reaching more customers. The increased revenues were reinvested, and hence, industrialization activities were facilitated.

Railroads ensured that industries from various parts of the United States were supplied with the labor that they required. This is because laborers found it cheap to travel to the major towns in search for jobs. These workers could afford daily transport since the fare required in the trains was low compared to the fare required in other means of transport. The distance that one was required to travel did not prevent individuals from working.

Railroads created employment for many people in the United States. People also became employed since they could travel easily and cheaply using trains. The results were that the income earned by individuals increased. The demands for industrial goods increased; hence, industries were encouraged to produce more of the products than they had done before.

Railroads opened up the United States for new immigrants. People settled in different parts of the United States. They were, therefore, able to produce the various raw materials that were needed in the industries. These new immigrants also brought new knowledge that was important for American Industrialization.

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