Free «US Army Successes in World War 1» UK Essay Paper

Free «US Army Successes in World War 1» UK Essay Paper


The First World War, fought between April 1917 and November 1918, involved millions of Americans, who were engaged in the most costly war in the history of Europe. Though the US joined the war at its tail end, it greatly assisted in turning the tide of the war in favor of the Allies (AMH). Consequently, the war brought America onto the global arena as a foremost industrial, fiscal and military power. By and large, from a military perspective, America’s participation in the war was successful.

How the US Army Planned for the Battle

The United States was involved in systematic mobilization of the whole American populace as well as the economy. In this regard, all that was required to win the war was made available (Macdonald, 2001). This included soldiers, munitions, food supplies and war chest. Coming in the middle of a progressive era, the US used lots of competence and proficiency. In this regard, the federal government established numerous short-term organizations (AMH).

These agencies had the role of bringing together the essential knowledge, which would readdress financial system towards the assembly of everything necessary to win the war. The same agencies also had the obligation of producing opinions which were crucial in inspiring the populace (Toy, 2004).

The American army was small compared to other European armies. As a result, General John Pershing, who was the Commander-in-Chief of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF), launched intensive training for all the troops in a systematic manner, with the idea of holding all the sectors until they were ready for combat. With reinforcements from other units, the 1st Division had opened an offensive that ensured victory (Gilbert, 2012).

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Strategies that Made US Army Succeed in the First World War

One of the key strategies that made the US Army succeed was the use of propaganda. The Committee on Public Information controlled information regarding the war. The committee engaged brilliant scholars and writers, who produced anti-German films and pamphlets. Code talkers were also used to secure radio communications (Gilbert, 2012). The Choctaw Indians were instrumental in this regard. To ensure success, the US Army also improved staff work and coordination. This was vital in ensuring their litheness to detour German barricades (AMH).

Military Leaders Who Led the US Army to Succeed in World War 1

Among the military leaders who led the US Army to succeed in the First World War was General John Pershing. In his long military career, General Pershing was instrumental in assembling American troops and directing intensive training in trench warfare (Gilbert, 2012). He also set up extraordinary training centers as well as schools of crucial subjects like demolitions, gas warfare, as well as how to use grenades (Ford, 2007).

Additionally, General Pershing, being the commander-in-chief, set up staff and logistical organization for administering the rising US Army (Henry, 2003). He also set up a Line of Communications under one commander directly answerable to him. By and large, his skills and proficiency greatly assisted the US Army (AMH).

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Another key military leader who led the US Army to victory in the First World War was Colonel George Marshall, Jr. He served as an operations officer. Colonel Marshall was instrumental in planning the shift in the axis of attack, successful overseeing the movement of hundreds of thousands of troops, thousands of guns, and several tons of supplies. As a result of his planning expertise, the American attack on the enemy camp was successful.


Following the declaration of war by the Congress, the United States had the daunting task of continuing to embrace neutrality in the midst of limited military supplies and weapons. However, the speedy recruitment of soldiers and mobilization of thousands officers was vital. Under the skillful leadership of General Pershing, American units fought together and eventually became victorious. 

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