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Custom Informative essay

Benin and Tunisia essay

Benin Africa is the second largest continent in the world, after Asia. The continent’s population density is relatively low. In the vast expanses of Africa, there are many different nations and countries. Every nation has its own culture and traditions. Benin is one of the numerous African ...

I Am Post-Modern but Not Solid Liberal essay

Political identification and self-identification within this context is a complex issue. Today, many citizens often refuse to identify themselves with any political party or ideology (“Beyond Red vs. Blue,” 2011). Also, a large number of individuals are confused and often support ...

Video Summary: FBI Director on Privacy in Communication Technology essay

This video features the FBI director explaining the interests of the FBI with respect to protecting privacy and ensuring that personal devices are not easily hacked into. There had been a lot of noise regarding the request for Apple to collaborate with the FBI in accessing personal gadgets. The ...

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