Free «Casey Anthony Trial» UK Essay Paper

Free «Casey Anthony Trial» UK Essay Paper

Casey Anthony faced first-degree murder charges after her daughter, Caylee, had been found dead several weeks after her mysterious disappearance. The disappearance of Casey Anthony’s daughter was reported to the authorities by her grandmother who claimed that she had not seen the girl for weeks. Even though the prosecution called for death penalty, Casey Anthony was acquitted of Caylee’s murder, which led to public outrage. Despite the acquittal of Casey Anthony, the evidence that supported the theory of the prosecution’s case indicates the possibility of fallacies during the trial.

Theory of the Prosecution

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The prosecution claimed that Casey Anthony had used chloroform to make Caylee unconscious and later put a duct tape over her mouth and her nose in order to block her breathing. As a result, Caylee suffocated and died. Anthony left the body of her daughter in her car’s trunk for several days and later disposed it. Based on this theory, the prosecution believed that Anthony was responsible for Caylee’s murder.

Evidence Used by the Prosecutor

The prosecution presented substantial evidence during the six-week trial. One of the major pieces of evidence presented by the prosecution was Anthony’s immoderate lifestyle, which could have led to the murder. The prosecution claimed that Anthony has been involved in actvities such as getting tattoos and partying. In addition to this lifestyle, not only had Anthony failed to inform her parents regarding Caylee’s disappearance but she also had not notified the authorities of this fact (Battaglia, 2012). Therefore, such a lifestyle raised questions concerning Anthony’s involvement in the murder.

Graphic forensic evidence was also used by the prosecution while presenting their case. It was alleged that Casey Anthony’s computer was used to search terms such as shovel, chloroform, shovel, and inhalation (Battaglia, 2012). Furthermore, duct tape was found next to the girl’s skeletal remains, hence indicating that it might have been used to block her airways. Another evidence that the prosecution had provided was the smell of a decomposing body in Anthony’s car (Grissom, 2011). Even though it was difficult to prove this claim, the prosecution believed that the smell that came from the car was that of a decaying body. 

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Evidence Used by the Defense and the Alternative Explanation to Caylee Anthony's Death

The defense provided several pieces of evidence to refute the claims made by the prosecution and gave alternative explanations to Caylee’s death. Their theory was centered on the claim that Caylee had died after drowning in a family pool. They produced scandalous revelations in rebuttal to the claim that Anthony had lived a profligate lifestyle. TThey argued that Casey had chosen an independent lifestyle since her family had subjected her to sexual abuse when she was a child. Moreover, when explaining the presence of duct tape on the decomposing body, they stated that the tape was probably placed on the body before its decomposition (Bloodsworth, 2011). The defense also argued that a substandard autopsy had been carried out since Caylee’s skull was not opened to check for trauma. Therefore, the results were unreliable. Concerning the use of Anthony’s computer to search for terms such as ‘chloroform’, the defense claimed that the search had been likely carried out by her mother. Therefore, the rebuttal provided by the defense was pivotal in influencing the decisions made by the jury. 

Opinion on the Persuasiveness of the Prosecution and the Defense

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The jury’s verdict in this trial was wrong. The evidence presented by the prosecution was more persuasive since they had realistic facts. It was apparent that Casey Anthony had covered up Caylee’s death by failing to inform her family as well as the authorities. At the same time, the smell of a decaying body in Anthony’s car indicated that a suspicious activity had taken place. Moreover, the presence of duct tape fortified the belief that Caylee had been murdered. Although it would be difficult to overturn the decision made by the jury, it is ostensible that the trial was subject to flaws. 

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