Free «Combating Juvenile Delinquencies» UK Essay Paper

Free «Combating Juvenile Delinquencies» UK Essay Paper


Juvenile delinquency is wide-spread among young people as they transform from childhood to adulthood in a confusing way, and this becomes an issue in the current world. This creates a serious impact on the relation between young people and their social norms and values at large.


What the community is undertaking currently in preventing juvenile crime is briefing the victim to understand the seriousness of the matter, and the social department organizing process of developing reconciliation for the offence committed. On the other hand, crime prevention is well achieved through the court of  justice, department of criminal justice where all parties are seriously involved in determining how to deal with  the case and the  repercussions to the future in the best way possible.

The community is currently working in cooperative efforts to reduce delinquencies within the community and this is done through personal efforts and by joining others in unified initiatives. However, they all are playing a role in nurturing and protecting the children regardless of their race within the community. Parents also are working by setting up clear future and standards for children’s behavior and even the community is going far by forming a community policing as a way of prevention of juvenile delinquencies. Early preventive measures are also currently in the process within the mainly affected areas and those in the risk of the vices. Some of the already identified groups are working on educational programs in helping young people learn how to stay positive in life and control aggression, they are even going ahead by training the young on how to find alternative options to illegal behavior.

The community is currently working with the state, and the non-governmental organizatins to combat and mobilize juvenile crimes within the community. They are reducing serious and violent behaviors, through multi agency, approaching organization and services in  juvenile court of justice to inform about crimes committed, and also being in the forefront in fast   tracking, and preventing the act of delinquencies. Furthermore, the communities are mobile with the greater speed by ensuring that the non-governmental organizations are initiating programmed sets to give youth  legal alternatives of  generating income, on the other hand, the NGOs are working on providing professional training, education and assisting in organizing business ideas that prevent youth from engaging in diligent activities. Another idea carried out within the community is changing urban environment and providing leisure time for the juvenile delinquent groups. 

Deterrence and rational theory are the ones that explain the number of crimes someone has been doing in the community to the extent that has been severally worn and this helps the community in identifying what needs to be done to the individual so as to avoid mistakes he/she has been making and the person could be arrested to face the law in the juvenile court of justice. They believe that human beings are rational in the sense that they know what is right and wrong and what is required by the law (Woolard,2009).

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In psychological theory this concept is used as a test to determine character traits, and more so, the personality development and it also focuses on early childhood development, as a test means to use different questions to measure personality traits such as stress and depression in a way that affects someone to the extent that he/she indulges in deliquesces. The theory believes that a criminal commits crimes because of a problem he may be having within the community (Siegel et al., 2011).

BBy the use of local initiative to demonstrate public awareness/information campaign with the aid of this, community uses such as a way of showing the concern groups on how diligences are endangering their lives. It is also made by identifying the local programmers that have successfully succeeded in delinquency prevention. For example, local media can assist in delivering the information required to the targeted delinquency organization. This is achieved through setting aside time for an advert to appear during a particular period.  In the process of routing out the problems, the selected working groups would have time to research a number of activities and highlight the usual practices in the area of youth violence, and hereby come up with a clear action to be taken. 

Getting an evaluation of the practical projects the coordinating council will enhance the evaluation process in the juvenile justice and prevention programs by expanding the capacity and giving room for a demonstration of the recommended actions to be carried out within the locality. The working team should also come up with a lasting solution of the problems that the community is facing because of juvenile delinquency. The taskforce carrying out evaluation should actually recommend community partnership with institutions like colleges, universities and nonprofit research organizations for the benefit of the community (Barbaree &Marshall, 2008).

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In conclusion, the local media can assist in delivering the information required to the targeted delinquency organization. Moreover, revealing the negative attitudes that the concerned possess should help in preventing the rising crime rate. The community in collaboration with the NGO's can come up with certain groups whose main agenda is to mobilize the youth. With the aid of this organization, the community can source for funds to assist the youth.

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