Free «Goal Sheet» UK Essay Paper

Free «Goal Sheet» UK Essay Paper

How Congressional Rules impact the Legislative Process?

Congressional rules impact legislative process, so that legislative bills must meet congressional rules; else, they are null and void.

Americans Attitudes towards Their Congressman

Most young and educated Americans have been positive concerning the institution of the congress. Those who are less educated as well as the older generation view the congress as highly important. However, some think that their congressmen are not doing their job as it is expected and that the institution is failing in some way. They also think about the existence of a gap between the people and the congressmen.

Functions of the President’s Cabinet

The president’s cabinet has the function of advising him on matters of the state. They are direct representatives of the electorate of America. The cabinet of the US also functions as American policy makers. They meet periodically to discuss matters that are considered essential to the US and the government such as security, prices and US international relations among others.

Functions of the White House Office

The office of the White House has too many issues to be handled by the president alone. He, therefore, requires an expertise help of the staff who surround him. The office has many functions. The first of them is launching of presidential policies. Secondly, it stages presidential events. Thirdly, it plans and conduct world leaders meetings and delivers major address to the nation.

Growth of the Federal Bureaucracy

The growth of the federal bureaucracy began with the establishment of cabinet departments by the president George Washington. The three departments were established. Since that time, the cabinet departments have increased tremendously, and there are agencies, bureaus, authorities, government corporations as well as administrations taking care of the businesses of the government.

Neustadt’s Interpretation of Presidential Power

Presidential power is interpreted by Neustadt as the persuading power. Each president is expected to do more than his power authority actually allows him. Bargaining and persuading are tools a president uses for influencing policy. They bargain, so that they can influence the executive and the rest of the branches of the government such as agencies and individual bureaucrats among others.

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Congressional Involvement with Foreign Policy

The congress has powers rested upon it by the constitution to influence foreign policies via congressional activism. The US lawmakers rarely have a direct contact with the policies of other nations. The nominations and treaties of the senate, however, do influence the US interactions with the rest of the world. Congressional approval is always a necessity in signing of any international treaty such as trade, war and peace.


Bicameral Legislatures

Bicameral legislatures refer to the state legislatures of America with two houses or chambers. In this type of state, it happens that before any bill becomes a law, there must be approval from the two houses members.

The Nominating Process for Federal Judges

It makes reference to the process in which judges find their way into the office. The US constitution is silent when it comes to legal qualifications. However, it makes provisions for the process of judicial nomination. The president has the duty of judges’ nominations. Recommendations are sourced from the justice department, sitting judges and the congress among others. The criteria for selection are: experience, political ideology, personal loyalties, gender and ethnicity among others. After recommendations, the president can appoint the judges who serve for a lifetime.

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Constitutional Powers of the President

Article two of the 1st section in the US constitution makes the provision that executive power shall be vested in a president of the United States. These powers give the president the mandate to head the Executive Branch. This Branch is a federal state branch. Sections two and three provide for specific powers given to the president such as judge appointment, appointing ambassadors as well as other officials.

Executive Orders

These are the official documents that are numbered in a consecutive manner. They are used by the president of the US to manage the federal state’s operations.

The Process for Overriding a Veto

The constitution makes a provision to see that there are balances and checks within the state to prevent cases where any given body of the state becoming powerful. The president has a veto power to reject a bill thus hindering it from becoming a law. Similarly, the legislature can override a president veto power by making a bill into law without president’s accent.

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Franking Privileges

It refers to the privileges that congress members in the US have, which enable them to send mails to their constituencies at the expense of the state.

Congressional Oversight of the Expenditures

Congressional oversight of the expenditures refers to the powers that the congress has to see that the expenditures of the other branches of state are not overspending in their activities.

The Impeachment Process

The impeachment process refers to the expressed power vested to the legislature. It allows formal charges against officers of the civil service on the crimes they commit in their offices.

The Role of the Chief of Staff

The staff chief is the president’s personal assistant in White House. He does the selection and supervision of staff at the White House. He controls the access of the president and the oval office, manages all communications and flow of information among others.

Differentiate between

Departments, Agencies and Government Corporations

A department means a major part or government division such as the department of defense. Agencies, on the other hand, mean special organizations of the government that are set up to meet a specific purpose like resource management. Government corporations mean a business that is partially or fully owned by the government.

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