Free «Interstate Health Insurance Market Policy» UK Essay Paper

Free «Interstate Health Insurance Market Policy» UK Essay Paper


The Congress has been engaging in a continuous debate with regards to health policies that ought to be implemented in the United States. The debate on interstate health insurance has gained immense attention from a vast population in the United States. Most Americans want a health care reform that will allow one to purchase health insurance regardless whether the person is within his or her state or not. Nevertheless, this assertion continues to face varying opinions; significant individuals as well as influential people in American politics have expressed concern on this matter. Some of these individuals are seemingly against the reform. They argue that adoption of interstate health insurance market policy has less benefits than most people would have thought. The assertion contradicts opinions of various stakeholders in insurance and healthcare sectors. The latter continue to push for this reform holding to the fact that most Americans regardless of their income status will benefit from it. This paper introduces the legislation of enhancing interstate health insurance policy, which will enable individuals to purchase insurance from other non-residential states since that can be cheap and flexible. It is argued that the mentioned policy will greatly contribute to the health improvement across the United States.

Legislative Proposals

It is highly expected that the Congress will oversee the adoption of interstate health insurance market policy in America. This proposal recognizes the fact that allowing the reform will incur several problems and challenges as expressed by various opinion leaders in America. It is in no doubt that there are legitimate concerns underlying this reform. First of all, there is a fear that several states will not ancillary benefit and, therefore, will begin to drop the basic protection to their consumers (Patel & Rushefsky, 2014). According to those insurers who are of this opinion, the reform will lead to more generous plans, which will in turn increase the insurance costs.  Another concern underlying this reform is a question whether some community rating will be in a position to survive in the truly competitive market. Taking all the above mentioned into consideration, this proposal is motivated by the awareness of various problems that most citizens are experiencing while in the pursuit of effective and efficient health care services (Ku, Jones, Shin, Bruen, & Hayes, 2011). In that regard, the proposal holds to the fact that the mentioned legislative reform in health care sector will benefit American citizens in a number of ways.

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Affordable Healthcare for All Americans

Currently, according to the Act signed by President Obama in 2010 titled Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, every individual in the USA must have medical insurance. In fact, those who are found to break this law are liable to some fine or payment. This regulation offers an effective platform under the already proposed reform giving people a chance to purchase health insurance coverage from the state of their choice (Rosenbaum et al., 2013). Following the argument that almost all individuals in the United States require to be covered, the interstate health care insurance policy will greatly assist people in having an easy access to affordable health services. In the first place, citizens will be given a chance to register with those insurers with which they feel most comfortable. In this case, political suppression and coercion in this matter will be abolished (Curfman, Abel, & Landers, 2012). As citizens will be actively involved in the search of insurers to avoid fine and penalties stipulated by the government, they will greatly enjoy the freedom of making their own research in regard to which state provides insurances that better suit their needs and level of income.

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Coverage for Americans below the Poverty Level

The United States government has significantly succeeded in ensuring that a great proportion of its citizens have access to health care insurance. Lately, there has been a public program the primary objective of which was to ensure that many people living below the poverty level have access to health care insurance (Cutler & Gruber, 2012). For instance, Medicare health initiative is a social insurance program that gives a chance to disabled individuals to be covered. There is also Medicaid that is funded by the federal government; the program provides insurance coverage for very low-income children and families. With this platform already in existence, the interstate health insurance market policy will facilitate even greater benefits for those living in absolute poverty. In the bid to attract more people from all over America, private insurers will take advantage of the situation and will try to sponsor as many poor families as possible (Hoffman, 2012). In fact, a number of private insurers might come up with charity programs directed towards poor families. Their goals and objectives in this case will be to win significant acclaim from as many companies and individuals from different states as possible.

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Financial Solubility of the Healthcare Legislation

It is already evident that the United States health care system greatly relies on private health insurance. According to the statistics released by the Centers for Disease control and Prevention regarding America health care in 2012, about 61 % of Americans had their health insurance from private insurance sectors. The finding clearly identifies a great need of pursuing interstate health insurance market policy (Curfman, Abel, & Landers, 2012). A significant number of private health care insurers will come out. It is for the fact that the market will be based on the competition for accumulation of a vast number of individuals insured with private sectors. In that regard, any potential insurer will seek to have the biggest number of customers from different states. It is during this competition that the government will amass massive funds from the registration of new private insurers (Cutler & Gruber, 2012). The funds will be eventually used in improving the health care sectors in terms of service delivery to the Americans.

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Portability of Health Insurance

Allowing interstate health insurance market policy is the only way that Americans can be fully assured of a portable insurance policy. With this type of health insurance policy in place, people can access health care while they are not even in their home state. For instance, many American citizens are either involved in traveling from one state to another or they are business people who move across the country from time to time (McKee, Balabanova, Basu, Ricciardi, & Stuckler, 2013). With interstate health insurance policy, people will not have to worry about how to access health care while they are in a foreign state. It is for the fact that, according to the reform, all health care institutions in America will be under an agreement that a health insurance obtained from another state can allow an individual to have access to health care when he or she is in a different state (Curfman, Abel, & Landers, 2012). The proposed reform augments the current reform in health care system, which can only allow individuals to be covered by their health insurance when they are only in their own state. The new policy will save Americans a lot of money and resources as they will not have to travel back home when they want to consult a doctor or other medical practitioners in regard to certain ailments.

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Neutrality of Legislation Budget

Over a couple of years, health care system in the USA has continued to face a lot of challenges. Most of these challenges were caused by low income and bankruptcy among many citizens in the United States. A study revealed that a vast population in America had unpaid medical debts accumulating to $ 1000 or more (Gray, Lowery, & Benz, 2013). According to estimations, the debts will rise in the nearest future. This proves that Americans are in need of a health care reform that will enhance affordability and flexibility with regards to taxes and other charges. In fact, Americans would need a health care insurance system that would provide medical coverage with minimal taxes (Cutler & Gruber, 2012). The interstate health insurance market policy will ensure that individuals are less taxed. Due to the competition between many insurance companies, securing a health insurance will become easy for many American citizens as insurers will make taxes as low as possible as a way of luring many customers (Curfman, Abel, & Landers, 2012).  

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Controlled Medical Costs

With regards to controlling costs, only certified insurance firms will have the responsibility of providing health care insurance coverage to Americans. Moreover, it will be the role of government agencies to ensure that dishonest individuals do not have their way in the insurance selling business (Cutler & Gruber, 2012). In addition to this, in order to ensure standardized costs in insurance, the government will regulate how insurers tax individuals. People will pay taxes in accordance with the status they hold in the society. For instance, unemployed Americans will not be subjected to the same tax as employed citizens (Gostin & Garcia, 2012). To avoid confusion among all relevant parties concerned in this policy, the government will conduct a comprehensive interstate advertising aimed at sensitizing individuals on how the reform operates. In this case, medical practitioners from various states will be informed about the need to follow this reform while not exercising any form of favor. According to the current health care reform, there exists a wide boundary in regard to what type of patient the insurance is supposed to cover. The interstate health insurance market policy will provide health care access to both outpatients and inpatients. Providing easy health care access to all individuals is one of the biggest benefits of the policy. In this case, the proposed reform will upgrade the current health care reform (Cutler & Gruber, 2012).

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The sale of health insurance was not considered commercialized until the strike of 1945. For this reason, this type of insurance was not considered constitutional; therefore, it is outside anything that pertained to federal regulations. Nevertheless, with the ruling of the Supreme Court in1944, purchasing health insurance coverage started to be regarded as commercial in nature. That means that its purchase is under the control of the US Congress (Curfman, Abel, & Landers, 2012). The current health care does not allow interstate health insurance purchase. One can only purchase insurance from his or her state; it is illegal and punishable by the law to participate in the purchase of health insurance from another state merely because that insurance has better policies or more advantages. The reform has been associated with many problems; people no longer feel that their right for freedom is guaranteed (Dutton, 2012). Business owners particularly in health insurance sectors argue that the government has done very little to allow commercialization of health insurance. Following these remarks and assertions of various key opinion makers in America, the health care sector in the United States no longer seems fruitful or operational. It is for the fact that it has terribly failed to represent the interest of all Americans in regard to health care (Curfman, Abel, & Landers, 2012). Most importantly, those living below the poverty level will never enjoy affordable health care following expensive sale of health insurance if the current reform will be left as it is.

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It is a high time that the US must embrace change in the health care system. The overall findings in this study support the interstate health insurance market policy. The policy has many advantages that honestly outdo its disadvantages. It is the only way all Americans can have access to affordable healthcare. The policy will also provide coverage to those individuals who live below the poverty level; insurance charges will be maintained as low as possible, therefore allowing all classes of citizens to have full health care access despite their income status. If the policy becomes operational, it will be guaranteed that there is portable insurance coverage for all Americans and they will be able to freely move across various states without worrying about their insurance. It is also evident that the reform will not lead to increased taxations. It is for the fact that the government will regulate the taxation from various insurance companies by ensuring that they are certified by the law. Americans should stop suffering from the poor health care system, and the Congress should adopt the interstate health insurance policy for the benefit for all American citizens.

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