Free «The Role of the Criminologist in Analyzing Crime in Society» UK Essay Paper

Free «The Role of the Criminologist in Analyzing Crime in Society» UK Essay Paper

Since ancient times, people have been facing one of the worst problems in society, namely crime. Many politicians, sociologists, psychologists and criminologists think about this issue, trying to analyze and solve it. The work of the criminologist is an integral element of any process connected with crime. The purpose of this essay is to identify the role of this professional, and what contribution he/she can make to helping understand the historical perspectives of crime.

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The role of the criminologist is very complex. Webster’s New World Law Dictionary defines this specialist as a person who studies biological and sociological causes of delinquency, consequences of crime, and criminal behavior (Wild, 2010). A huge part of criminological research focuses on determining motives for different types of illegal activities. These studies create models that can explain why some people deviate from the laws and rules of conduct. The role of the criminologist in this area is to investigate and explain cultural and social factors of criminal behavior. Preventing and combating crime is also an important task. Criminologists should offer workable and reasonable solutions that can help reduce crime in society. Teachers need to talk about these ideas in educational institutions because it can help the youth understand the danger and consequences of committing crimes or participating in criminal behavior.

The criminologist is also responsible for analyzing the responsiveness of law enforcement agencies (Pieters, 2011). If the reaction of such officials is inappropriate, the law will not work, and as a result, crime can become an accepted way of behavior. This control is required to determine weaknesses of the system and what improvements can be made.

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Another important role is designing and implementing rehabilitation programs for criminals. Such studies are necessary to help the latter understand psychological and social causes of their criminal acts and begin to live according to the laws. Furthermore, one of the most controversial tasks of the criminologist is analyzing the criminal’s role in society. The professional does not only try to explain the criminal’s position, but also how people and the media respond to them. This analysis is necessary to reduce the discrepancy between attitudes to criminals who commit street crimes and those who perpetrate white-collar illegal actions.

Whatever criminologists do, they are engaged in a moral action (Hawkins, 2003). Their task is to make legal and illegal acts different. In this issue, the historical perspective is a useful tool. It helps to understand social, cultural, and emotional patterns, which have formed human behavior and actions in the past. The criminologist makes a major contribution to helping citizens understand the historical perspective of crime. It can bbe done in several ways. The first step is making people aware of the possible behavior of criminals. It can be done through educational programs in schools, media, various trainings and practices. Everyone can read the recommended rules of behavior during a seizure by terrorists. Criminologists who had previously analyzed the reasons for such actions developed this information. The second way is to help law enforcement agencies. The criminologist helps catch criminals by tracking their profile and behavior that can be compared with the one of any possible suspects. The third contribution that the criminologist can make is to help the offender to rehabilitate. Such correctional programs will help prevent repeated offenses. Criminologists are people entrusted by the authorities and citizens to reduce the scope and effect of crime. They may also try to create a mechanism that will help prevent crime in all its manifestations. Studies may consider improved education and income levels, or changing social norms.

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In conclusion, criminologists work in such area, about which most people do not even want to think. They often spend time with persons whom others avoid. Their role and contribution are significant, since they analyze causes and origin of crime, help track criminals and understand their behavior, as well a create rehabilitation programs. Overall, the criminologist is the main force in reducing crime and providing the public with a more quiet and secure life.

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