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Airport Management

Buy custom Airport Management essay

Buy custom Airport Management essay

Runway incursions refers to any type of an occurrence that involves the incorrect existence  of an aircraft or an individual on the are a that is protected in the designated surface area  for the landing and the taking off  of aircrafts.  Runway incursion is either contributed by the following factors; first, weather, in situations where there is low visibility, there are increased possibilities of the flight crew becoming at a complete loss and thus restricting control of the aircraft. Second, employ of the multiple line ups for aircraft leaving from the same runaways increase the chances of causing runaway incursions.   Pilot workload, controller workload and distractions are other cause of runaway incursions due to the possible errors in handling and controlling the aircrafts (Alexander & Seth, 2011).

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The technical initiatives that are intended to be put in place so as to ensure the security in the airports includes the runaway incursions awareness by the fight crew via the use of the maneuvering area in relation to their own areas in the runways and the use of the suitable feature of RAAS that are present by each effective flight crew. The non technical initiatives of ensuring security in the airports surface are safer includes the maintenance of the airport surface operations security awareness by the TWR and GND ATCOs in relation to aircraft and vehicle movements near to on the go runways. I would advocate for situational awareness.  This is due to the fact that any pilot or flight crew should go through the required protocol such as the cross reference of the heading indicator as it shows the direction where turns are being made and thus avoiding errors. In addition situational awareness aids the crew to increase their awareness when taxing between runways that are parallel to each other. Lastly, this ensures that all the pilots show the current diagram for the instantaneous reference during taxi (Alexander & Seth, 2011). 

Buy custom Airport Management essay

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