Free «Cairo Urban Planning» UK Essay Paper

Free «Cairo Urban Planning» UK Essay Paper


Cairo urban planning is associated with a broad range of issues that are supposed to have been achieved by 2050. The urban planning for Cairo is based on the following primary elements in its core agendum of planning. According to the vision of Cairo for the year 2050, its plan is divided into the following primary sectors. Firstly, it is the population and urbanization that include the land usage, infrastructure, living services and population distribution. Secondly, it entails the environment that implies the maintenance of renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Thirdly, it implies employment and economy that entail availability of job opportunities, development, and proper use of resources.

Cairo’s Current Urban Planning Model

According to the census developed in the World Population Review (2014), it has been estimated that Cairo has a population of 12 million people. The metropolitan area has the population of almost 22 million people making it the most populated capital city in Africa (World Population Review, 2014). However, it has also been estimated that Cairo is a city characterized by rapid growth. In the past ten years, the population of Cairo has grown by 3 million people. It involves the Northern and the Southern orientation of Cairo along the River Nile with the municipality located in the East of the River Nile. Roda and Gezira are populated islands that are embedded in the Northern orientation of the city. The two towns are highly urbanized with the modern infrastructure.

The Eastern part of the River Nile is characterized by significant urbanization. For instance, Giza region that is located near the pyramids has experienced dense urbanization. Tourism is also another aspect that has some economic benefits to Cairo. The most significant tourist sites in Cairo are the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids that are situated near the Suburbs to the West.

Cairo’s Urban Planning Issues/Improvements


The architecture and urban design in Cairo are reflected in building and constructing structures that are acceptable for the community. Their primary objective is to develop the urban architecture in a sustainable way. They try to achieve this goal by communicating with the communities in Cairo to ascertain the kind of architecture that is suitable for the city. They have adopted high-tech methods especially in terms of the house construction. Cairo has probably the flashiest buildings in the world (Urban Tours by Rental Car, 2006).

Living Space

Cairo consists of partly informal houses where the low class and middle class live. The residents here have little resources while the government programs turn to be insufficient. However, the citizens strive to survive. On the other hand, some parts of Cairo consist of urban extensions that are properly planned. The government has made it possible for developers to acquire lands hence enhancing most of the living spaces.

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Community Spaces

Spaces are vital in achieving vibrant urban development. Community spaces can be used by anyone while exercising citizenship. The city’s image is formed by the relationship between people and space. Cairo lacks the public realm that would accommodate the whole community of the city. Social classes divide people according to the living conditions. Good design of community space involves economic, social and political incorporation in order to come up with proper decision-making tactics. Injustices in this city are expressed even in the division of community space. For instance, Cairo’s street patterns as well as social and physical boundaries mark boundaries between private and public sectors. High-class restaurants and clubs use private institutions on the river Nile, leaving limited room to be used by the public. In the past, public spaces were used by everyone during celebrations. However, the situation has changed as these celebrations cannot be allowed in public spaces to be used by the elite population that tends to separate themselves from the rest. Social and cultural spaces have continually been neglected hence killing the traditional typological configuration. As community spaces become limited, high-income citizens and the rich have taken the advantage and reclaimed the spaces through urban gentrification and regeneration (Attia, 2011).

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Foreign investors shun investing in the country due to political instability. However, entrepreneurs strive to establish new businesses that are already booming. Investment has been made in all aspects of business in Cairo. There are many private learning institutions like universities and academies that have been established in Cairo. Both local and international students enroll in various courses grossing substantial revenue to the owners. Some citizens have invested in real estates that prove to be a prosperous venture in the city. There are classy hotels and clubs, which earn considerable profits especially from foreign visitors coming to the city. Cairo is also an automobile manufacturer and assembler to most people locally and internationally. Historical sites dominate the city and people of different backgrounds gather there to see them. Carrying out international business is also popular in this city. Cairo International Airport plays a vital role in importation and exportation of goods.

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Shopping malls have recently become a booming business venture in the city. Malls not only attract shoppers but also other customers who wish to spend time there. There are entertainment sectors and cinemas for those who can afford sojourn. Business tycoons have invested millions in this industry and prove to be excellent performers. Starting and running a business in Cairo requires one to acquire appropriate permits and licenses from the concerned authorities. This registration is required for businesses at all levels whether these are small, medium-sized or large corporations (Singerman & Amar, 2006).


As a matter of fact, transportation is a crucial element in any modern society. It is essential as it helps cities and towns link up with urban regions enhancing economic advancements. Cairo has made efforts to ensure that the transport system is well established in order to deal with travel demands of new-comers. Most of those who operate in Cairo city own cars. Therefore, parking spaces here are problematic due to the high congestion experienced by the citizens. Also, most people prefer using their own cars due to the insufficient public system in the sector. This situation has made pedestrian environment almost non-existent. Cairo is a unique country in Africa as it has a subway system that consists of trains and cars transportation system. The subway has even a segment that caters for the disabled. In order to upgrade the transportation system, the Egyptian government imposed subsidized bus fare within the city. Plans are underway to eliminate buses that are more than 20 years old. This situation will improve the public transportation system attracting more travelers. Consequently, there will be reduced air pollution. As for the air transport, Cairo is doing its best to ensure high standards for the airports. As a result, travelers will travel with ease (Transportation Research Board 2011).

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Cairo is no longer insecure as it has been in earlier days. In the recent past, Cairo faced terrorist attacks, which adversely affected its economic status especially in terms of the tourism sector. Tourists were in fear and no longer visited Egypt. However, the era of terrorism has elapsed, and people can carry out their activities in peace. Generally, Cairo is a low crime city apart from minor misconducts that are easily dealt with. Moreover, security has been beefed up in major places like airports, ports, banks and corporations where many people work.


The Zabaleen have been the customary garbage collectors in the city of Cairo. They have been termed to have sustainable and competent waste-recycling systems. However, there was a system that privatized these services. The privation was aimed at helping to incorporate technology in the process. For this matter, the Zabeleen were obliged to leave the city, which caused a vigorous conflict. These multi-national companies took the opportunities of using the commodity to improve the recycling process. The situation improved the sustainability techniques in Cairo (Fahmi & Sutton, 2010).

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Cairo experienced fast expansion in the last three decades. The dense population in the city created a demand for construction of more buildings and expansion of infrastructure. The metropolitan city covers an area of 600 square km and is expected to experience more expansion.


Ecotourism is one of the rapidly growing sectors in Cairo. Most tourists are attracted by the natural resources like oases and the historical sites that surround the city. Cairo has unique natural resources like seashores at the North Coast. The Ministry of Tourism is striving to ensure protection and preservation of the social heritage sites. There are no restrictions for the tourists as security has been tightened in the city. Tourists from all over the world visit the city without any fear of attack.

Future Urban Developments

The future of Cairo city seems bright. The city is expected to become a pollution free city with no congestion in future. The government is by all means trying to ensure the city will be an entirely safe entity to all stakeholders. In terms of the transportation sector, the city is ambitious of providing efficient transportation systems to its citizens. People here believe that with noble governance, they are likely to achieve best upshots in future. Also, there are plans to eliminate slums in the city to achieve and maintain the anticipated architecture heritage. Moreover, it aims at using the private sector to develop various projects. Converting informal regions of the city to planned zones through improvement of infrastructure will help the city achieve a boundless mileage. Increasing competitiveness in sectors like health facilities, technology and telecommunication, tourism, and all other sectors that contribute to the well-being of this city will play a fundamental role in accomplishing the future visions.

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Facing terrorism and other difficulties in the past should not be a hindrance to the progress of any city. Cairo has pulled from its past and has improved the situation. Significant developments have been carried out and Egypt is now back on its feet. Countries tend to lag behind and blame it for the challenges they face. However, administrators and governments of every state should realize that problems are bound to occur. With this knowledge, they must seek ways of solving these issues to enhance the development of states around the world. Cities should also have a clear vision of their priorities and put in place methods of achieving their goals as far as development is concerned.

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