Free «Careers in Human Services» UK Essay Paper

Free «Careers in Human Services» UK Essay Paper


A career can be defined as a person’s course or progress through a lifetime.  Also, it can be a distinct portion of life. Careers are considered to have some remunerative standards and sometimes need a formal training. Human service careers are a category of such jobs directly affecting the wellbeing of the society and its inhabitants. These services aim at training individuals how to function at their best of their abilities within their areas of living. They range from those trying to devise some possible solutions to family problems, relationship issues, financial stress, drug and substance abuses among others. This research paper will tend to focus on the five selected careers that fall under a broad aspect of human services. It will briefly look at the major tasks, their relationships and answer why each of these careers mentioned is considered to be as a service career. The research finds out the population each career works with, reveals the rewards and challenges of any job.

Human Service Careers

i) Social Work

This career employs social theories in the efforts to understand human problems and help improving the lives of individuals and the society, at large. Social workers are categorized into direct service workers and clinical social employees. Direct social service workers help people coping with the challenges they face in their daily lives while clinical social workers are trying to diagnose and give a treatment to individuals with some mental, behavioral and emotional disorders.

Social workers advocate and link their clients to the essential resources within the community. They counsel, educate and protect vulnerable clients. This is truly a human service job because it aims at bettering a physical, social and mental well-being of individuals within their environment. Social work as a human career needs some training at college. For the entry level, direct jobs need the one to have a bachelor’s degree in social work. One needs to be licensed, registered or certified to carry out such social service. The requirements for licensing vary depending on the state and apply to practice and use of professional titles (“Social Work Careers”).

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This career is successfully carried out by individuals possessing the virtues of being compassionate, good listeners and able to work with different groups of people. Good time management and organizational skills are essential for this career. Salaries and other benefits in this career are greatly affected by their area of specialization. They earn an average salary range of $37,000 to $47,000 per year.

ii) Case Management

Case management helps individuals and families to raise their life goals to the highest levels. Case managers work closely to help their clients to identify their goals and needs. They give an ear to their clients’ story, a plan for the future, provide the best choices. They as well narrow down the possibilities to come to a decision, carry out a research, monitor the changes in the clients’ progress and try hard to maintain privacy of patients and their independence as much as possible. Whenever the clients get successfully the highest quality standards, they, their families and service providers are all being the beneficiaries.

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Case managers facilitate and coordinate healthcare, mental health services, educational and developmental services for children, adults and families. These managers at any level can conduct screening of their clients to establish the eligibility for the service and make some regular follow ups. The median salary for case managers in the U.S is approximately $68,934. The case management has been identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010. There was an occupational outlook handbook done by it as expected to grow faster than any other job category. The ability to sell the best in the market depends on obtaining credentials, education and the on-the-job experience. Case management career works across all population including children or adults (“Job Posting Details”). This is a very demanding career and needs the one to make follow ups regularly.

iii) Counseling

This career involves giving advice to those that want to take up their roles in the society and can meanwhile be applied to restore the individuals that have lost the direction in their lives. It can be categorized into two groups. The first group is guidance counselors helping students to handle their educational goals well and planning properly their future. There is also a substance abuse counselor directing the recovering addicts to the best way to avoid their habits and thriving well in the community. This is considered a human service career since it directly involves the community members and their well-being (“Career Counseling”).

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This career salary is determined by the area of specialty and the place of work. Their expected median range of salary in general is about from $29,000 to $47,000 per year. The salary for any substance abuse counselor is at its best $47,000 annually, while that of guidance counselors is $51,000 with most of them expected to increase from $38,000 to $68,000 each year.

The educational requirements of this profession vary depending on the state. Most of the states demand that one should have the Master’s in the same field with the passes in a number of exams. Being continuous in servicing is also a necessary requirement to maintain the licensure given before you have started working.

On the job outlook, it is expected that this career will grow at a rate of 18%, in general, with different specialties growing at different rates. Guidance counseling is thought to grow up to 14% in some areas of educational and vocational settings.

In counseling, you get some satisfaction whenever your clients at first could seem not to fit into a social set-up for settling down well after the service. This in itself looks like rewarding. However, counselors also experience some burn-outs as they face escalating stress levels due to the lack of the sufficient rest, relaxation and nutrition.

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Counseling targets a group of individuals being able to make some decisions on their own. It is a fact that in counseling not to give doses if the client is advised and given an option to ponder over and make a sound decision. It is applicable to adults being able to discern between the right and wrong.

This career is a great challenge for individuals that lack the patience and burn out easily because in counseling one should take a client through a number of stages before an actual result has been achieved.

iv) Marriage and Family Therapists

In this career, the professionals examine the interaction and structure of a family and mental relationships emphasizing on such factors like the financial stress, home management and organization, child rearing and protection. They also try to establish some general factors influencing on divorce and separation and the actual dissatisfaction in relationships.

Family and marriage therapists reveal and heal emotional and mental disorders in the frame of marriage and family set-ups. They apply the psychotherapeutic and family systems theories and principles to offer their services to individuals, families and the community, at large. The major aim of these professionals is to help all parties in relationships to achieve the fulfillment in relationships and determine eliminating the destructive behavior and dynamics. In the efforts to perform this duty, they confer with their clients to develop some plans for the post treatment activities, provide educational and consultation services to other professionals and advice clients on the ways of obtaining help in legal, financial and personal issues. This is a human service since it cannot isolate them in operations.

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Marriage and family therapists are paid the salaries between $32,000 and $48,000 per year based on their experience and educational levels. This also depends much on the state in the US. For instance, in Hawaii State, marriage and family therapists get the highest average payment of about $74,070 per year. The department you work with also determines your remunerations. Those working with management of companies and enterprises get an average payment of about $65,960 per year.

Marriage therapists target adults staying in marriages and having families. These individuals must be ready to come out open and confide with marriage and family therapists in order to get help they need. Professionals in this career face some difficulties and emotional situations in the course of their work they ought to be prepared to. They are meant to frequently encounter rampant cases of depression and mental challenges. Often but not always facing these maladies and incidents can potentially have adverse mental effects to them. This becomes a challenge though when trained they need the mental fortitude and strength to deal with these drawbacks. They can sometimes be exposed to infections while working with their clients in other environments different from hospitals.

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The job outlook has been on rise since 2004 with a noticeable increase of 9.94 percent annually in this career. However, the demand is expected to go on to a downward trend by negative 1.760 percent jobs shed by 2018. This represents an annual decrease of 0.67 percent over the next few years. This career requires that one should have a Master’s degree in this field as an additional licensing is also required. However, with the above challenges, this career can still become rewarding and gratifying. There is a feeling of wellness and fulfillment reported out of discharging these duties by professionals (“MFT Program Overview”). I wish to work in this career to gather the experience in handling the issues in a marriage and family. I am well equipped with strong will to withstand the depression and other stresses.

V) Teaching Career

Teaching is considered a human service career as it tries to lay a foundation for a well being society. It aims at equipping its clients with necessary skills and knowledge for a proper survival within the society. Teachers plan, develop and organize the instructions before delivering them to their clients. They also take part in management of the students’ conduct through the creation of rules and regulations. Such recommendations should be followed to let achieve a successful service. Teachers present subject materials and assess the students’ learning to measure their success. Alongside these duties, they also try to meet their professional duties outside a classroom. For instance, they can get improved in their education and chair some meetings trying to develop themselves (Kelly).

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In teaching, professionals get into a regular touch with their clients to improve success standards. This is, therefore, a human service as its major aim is to create a good environment for living through training individual social tactics.

The training and educational requirements for this career depend on one area of specialty and the level that you are teaching at. This may be adult, elementary or secondary education. In general, to work as a teacher, one needs to be certified and possess a license. Working experience in your area of specialization is also a requirement. For instance, elementary and kindergarten teachers are required to have a Bachelor’s degree and complete an approved teacher training program with a prescribed number of education credits. Special education teachers must possess a Master’s degree in addition to teaching certificates. Post-secondary teachers require a doctoral degree for a full time tenure and Master’s for part time teachers. Those professionals teaching at preschools and the child care workers should have a high school diploma. Also, they must be in the possession of a degree in a childhood development (“Career Counseling”).

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Salaries and other benefits differ in teaching career based on the level of training and education. Adult education teachers earn an hourly salary of $23,53 while middle school teachers earn an annual salary of about $58,500 and a secondary school teacher gets $59,310 per year. Pre-school teachers earn a n hourly wage of $14.76 while post-secondary teachers range between the annual earnings of $44,770 for graduate teaching assistants and$104, 060 for engineering trainers. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers earn an annual payment of $54,170 for kindergarten and $59,570 for the elementary staff (“Career Counseling”).

The job outlook in the teaching career seems to vary depending on the level. For example, in the adult literacy, the outlook has a growth rate of 17.8 percent with current jobs standing at 10,550, with a job change of 1,880 and replacement job openings of 1,310. The growth rate among post-secondary teachers is 18.3 percent, 18.5 percent for preschool teachers and 13.1 percent for special teachers. Secondary school has the smallest growth rate of 5.6 percent (“Career Counseling”).

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Teaching needs a steadfast follow up to identify if the content delivery is of satisfaction or not. In the process, you may make a number of enemies in the efforts to set datelines in giving the continuous assessments for students that sometimes feel a task being too compelling. This is likely to yield to a negative response from clients. This remains one of the challenges. However, this is the most satisfying and rewarding career as in the course of your service the students mature up and enter different services. There they are able to become independent in their life. Teachers walk when they see their clients thriving well in the society without any financial and other social hiccups that come along due to the one lacking skills and knowledge to make the ends meet.


This research clearly indicates that for individuals to successfully fit in these careers they must be ready to work closely with people. There is a need for the patience as you are waiting for the career objective results. Good listening, organizational and communication skills are a key source of satisfaction for any human service career.

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