Free «E-type Design Strategy» UK Essay Paper

Free «E-type Design Strategy» UK Essay Paper

Design strategy is crucial for improving the competitive and innovative qualities of any organization in the future. It is meant to focus on the creation of unique solutions of products and services. The foundations of design begin with analyzing data and trends, both external and internal, which allows making the decisions concerning design on factual basis and not intuition. There are special agencies that develop design strategies because it is very important in branding of products, developing products, branding corporates, bringing out the identity of the corporate and in delivery of services. This essay describes the type of design strategy that e-Types, a company that specializes in branding and designing, should embrace.

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E-Type should continue with the edgy work and build their reputation on that. The edgy design, just as the company argues, is uniquely in connection with the e‑Types’ aspiration to bring the world to a standstill as a well-known player with outstanding integrity. With the current number of designers the edgy design is possible. Therefore the limitation of staff scarcity should no longer be a limitation. On the other hand, the conservative design is risky as it is likely to hinder the firm’s ability to attract new designers to the firm’s staff, making them lose their credibility on the streets. The conservative design is also likely to bring down the firm’s reputation of producing unique and outstanding outputs. In order for e-Types to avoid becoming known for the all the unwanted reasons, they should avoid the conservative design and stick to the edgy one. This is likely to propel them to the global market because it wil make them standout. The edgy design enhances the employees’ creativity thus enabling them to come up with unique ideas. Overgaard clearly shows the elation the staff has when they can voice their opinions regarding product design and make their beliefs known. This is evidenced by designer Jonas Hecksher who has created the Danish newspaper Berlingske through the e-Types’ subsidiary - playtypes. The edgy design is also received well by the design- interested people in the global market. For instant the assortment of playtypes has rapidly expanded with prints, home wares, candles, bags mug collections and candles.

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The e-Type design could only lose the types of clients that Rasmus Ibfelt alludes to. Firstly, clients who are not taking differentiation and coherence well enough. Secondly, clients who do not want the firm to work past their misinformed ideas of the designs they think would work for them. In the meantime they should focus on cutting out a special customer base. Turning away of these customers is based on the philosophy that making and selling of non-ordinary goods do not get along with clients who cannot honor and appreciate this fact. When implementing the edgy strategy e-Types should assess all their resources even if they are consistent with this strategy.  Firstly, the resources that they need to assess, as Overgaard and Rasmus Ibfelt stress, include the availability of sufficient cash flow to enable the firm saying no to certain jobs with hope of recovering that money in future through charging higher prices. Secondly, the amount of time their staff has in total, and probably weekly or monthly, to decide on the work intensity. Thirdly, the expertise available such as tthe management board and the total and specific time they offer to e-Types and the consultancy team available. The amount of both staff time and board time available should not be underestimated if a workable strategic plan is needed. The process of deciding on whether or not to continue with the edgy design should not go on for too long to prevent people from burning out. Finally, the whole e-Type design company should take the strategy seriously as an investment of the organization and prioritize it (Tyndall, J. R., Cameron, J., & Taggart, C., 1990).

The long term actions of e-Types should focus on future ways of dealing with dissenting opinions of employee designers and on creating a more favorable environment for them to exercise their creativity without fear of being laid off. The company should also invest a lot in market trend research to be able to stay on top of the competitive design market. By analyzing business opportunities and evaluating their merits and demerits in connection with financial resources, the company will be provided with a continuous stay on the market.

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In conclusion, for e-Types it has always been their aspiration to be unique that has made them stand out; therefore the edgy design is the way to go. The process of continuing with this design should include setting up both medium and long term objectives to ensure a clear outlined purpose for the stakeholders in the design firm to follow. The design market is both dynamic and competitive, and it is thus the firm’s responsibility to explore new markets for their products. They should not turn away their customers unless they are certain they have met their full market niche.

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