Free «Human Resource Management: Dolphin Logistics Company» UK Essay Paper

Free «Human Resource Management: Dolphin Logistics Company» UK Essay Paper


From the perspective of human resource management, it is essential to consider different aspects of business activity. In fact, performance management process plays a significant role in shaping the company’s perspective of its development. It is impossible to imagine a company’s performance without systematic management processes with several major stages. Regardless of the size of business activity, each company should think about designing its functioning according to the needs of employees, customers, and the company in general. There should be a reliable background supporting the company’s processes. The following discussion is a reflection of the performance management process on the example of Dolphin Logistics Company, which aims to start its activity in Hong Kong in 2018. The company aims to find the most effective performance management process, which will support its business aspirations. By 2018, the company should be ready to exert additional pressure on its performance. In particular, the discussion reflects the importance of the performance management process and its role in logistics, as well as a specific performance management process for Dolphin Logistics Company. By the end of the discussion, it would be easy to understand the main principles of the managerial concept, its place in logistics, and the company’s actions, which should bring it to the successful extension of the activity.

The Importance of the Performance Management Process

The contemporary level of competition rises in each field of business activity. It becomes difficult to cope with the customers’ needs, which become more demanding, and to change rapidly along with the world’s evolution. In fact, it is important to consider the fact that every company strives for continuous improvement. Performance management process is a main part of business excellence, which helps the company to monitor each stage of its activity and identify the mistakes. In this way, performance management process becomes a natural regulator of business activity, which solves many problems on the way to the implementation of the strategic plans (Dangi, Bardhan & Narag 2012). As long as business pressures become more intense, it is obvious that companies need to learn how to accommodate to the terms of the external environment. The performance review is the beginning of the complex process, aimed to regulate the company’s activity, by focusing on all departments with the same approach. In general, human resource management along with performance management comprises a reliable background for the company’s guaranteed sustainability and profitability (Wang, Chen & Zhang 2013). An imbalanced performance management process leads to the wastage of the company’s resources. It means that each company should learn how to create its own performance management process, which will promote its sustainability and financial prosperity.

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Performance Management in Logistics

As long as logistics has a specific nature of the performance, it is essential to consider a particular case of the performance management process. The company needs to understand that in order to succeed in the extension of its activity across the globe and in Hong Kong, in particular, it should revise its performance from the point of view of the performance management. In general, the development of the new market should be helpful in the establishment of new business relations, which means that the company should focus on new goals at all levels. In logistics, managers become one of the primary regulators of the performance management system. From this point of view, it is essential to consider the diversity of key performance indicators, which should lie in the core of the company’s plan, aimed to extend its international activity (Dangi, Bardhan & Narag 2012). Key performance indicators (KPIs) guide the company towards the achievement of goal, which should push the development of business to the new level. The following KPIs represent a great significance not only for the managers, but also for the company in general.

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First, the company should focus on the inventory management. In logistics, an effective performance management process lies in timely collection of data about the inventory. Otherwise, there will be many deviations from the plan, which will not prepare the managers for the lack of resources. Logistics considers continuous planning of the resources, which should be one of the regulators of the company’s performance needs. Transportation is another valuable KPI, which influences the performance of a logistics company at all levels. As long as transportation is the core of the company’s activity, it is important to pay attention to the costs of transportation and to its overall effectiveness. In case it is not done, the company will lose its competitiveness due to a careless performance. In addition, there should be no delays in transportation, caused by lack of resources or inappropriate managerial decisions, because they waste time of the main performance process. Taking orders is also another KPI, without which the company cannot exist. In logistics, as in any other business sphere, the transportation process consists of sub-processes, which formulate a system. In this way, if any of the stages fails to be performed or there are mistakes, the whole activity of the company will become paralyzed. It is essential to understand that taking orders is the most significant element in further enhancement of the company’s productivity, which means that it should be in focus of managers (Dangi, Bardhan & Narag 2012). Otherwise, the company will lose its reputation and image of a reliable business partner.

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As for the cross-functional KPIs, it is essential to mention that an overall transportation cost is one of the most crucial indicators of the performance of the company. In terms of logistics and performance management processes, it is a natural regulator of other elements in the system of the company’s performance. If the costs are extremely high, the company needs to analyze and revise its activity in order to avoid the same mistake in future. In addition, it may be required to adjust the company’s needs to the clients’ demands in order to generate the most appropriate price for the services. In this way, the company will have a balanced performance. Perfect delivery of orders is another cross-functional KPI, which the company should not neglect. It means that the company should collect the customers’ feedback in order to understand the extent to which the company is capable of meeting the customers’ needs. A perfect delivery of orders is an indicator, which shows what the company should change in order to provide consumers with the highest quality of services (Delivering quality globally 2012). Finally, all the indicators contribute to the overall monitoring of the company’s performance. In logistics, the performance management has a comprehensive nature, which consists of several elements. The following part of the paper offers the company to implement a specific set of steps that comprise a performance management process, which will help to spread the business activity in Hong-Kong.

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A Comprehensive Performance Management Process

In order to succeed in the extension of the company’s performance in Hong Kong, it is important to build a performance strategy, consisting of classic elements such as planning, monitoring, developing, rating, and rewarding (Dangi, Bardhan & Narag 2012). The listed above components are classic, because they are included in each effective management system. In fact, in case of Dolphin Logistics Company, it is essential to support each element not only with the company’s needs and peculiarities, but also with logistics effective tools.

First, it is important to start with the planning section, which is the beginning of each performance management process. Dolphin Logistics Company should understand that in order to enter the new market, it should optimize its goals and set new targets for its performance in order to achieve success. In addition, it should have realistic expectations about the implementation of the plan, which means that it is necessary to be ready for different outcomes (Hisano & Musetti 2011). Due to the fact that the company plans to enter new market in 2018, it would be rational to start from simple actions and to move towards the improvement of the company’s performance. The company should also create a new plan for each manager, who will have to work in the direction of the enhancement of the employees’ productivity. It can be possible due to the workers’ engagement as well as due to other elements in the performance management process. In general, a planning stage means that the company learns how to implement its strategic goal by continuous optimization of the internal processes and business relations. Planning should also involve the enhancement of customers’ feedback, which is the best regulator of the performance.

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Continuous monitoring of the company’s performance is also another part of the successful achievement of the strategic goals. Control of the plan’s implementation should take place at each level of the company’s performance (Hisano & Musetti 2011). Otherwise, there will be no consistency in the company’s plans. In case of Dolphin Logistics Company, it is important to conduct regular meetings in order to understand the implementation process and to see the gaps in the company’s activity. For example, a monitoring stage can be accompanied by managers’ reports, which will describe weekly achievements and problems in the implementation of a new plan. It should be helpful in the transformation of the employee’s responsibilities if someone cannot accomplish personal tasks. Moreover, weekly meetings should keep the head of the company and his subordinates in the same tempo in order to feel the movement towards the same goal.

Development is another part of the Dolphin Logistics Company’ performance management process, which is expected to help the company in the improvement of the employees’ productivity. As soon as the company starts the implementation of the plan, it is most likely to face some problems. For example, some employees may require additional help in order to understand their new responsibilities. If the company does not have much time to spend on training, it can encourage mentorship instead. It means that experienced employees will help their colleagues to cope with the myriad of their responsibilities and tasks (Special issue on the human resource management issues associated with the globalization of distribution/logistics functions 2012). In this way, it will be possible to enhance the company’s productivity and profitability. In addition, the development stage involves the creation of some extra parts of the plan, which means that the company can boost the achievement of its goal or fix the existing problems and succeed in the implementation of the plan according to the company’s capabilities.

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Rating may seem to be less important than other elements in the performance management process. However, it should be considered in order to pay attention to the company’s overall effectiveness. For example, the company may create a scoreboard, which will be placed in the hall of the company or in any other public place, where each employee can find it. The scoreboard should not only have a separate space for the most outstanding employees of the month, but it should also represent an overall progress of the company’s movement towards the goal (Hisano & Musetti 2011). It will become one of the main reflections of the employees’ contributions to the company’s success. In this way, it will be possible to continue moving to the goal with the same enthusiasm and energy.

Finally, the company should pay attention to the reward system, which cannot be neglected. Employees should receive enough motivation and encouragement, which will inspire them to continue the achievement of the overall plan. For example, those employees, who are involved in mentorship and support of other members of staff, should have additional bonuses. By doing this, the company will boost a natural desire of the employees to become more experienced. A reward system will also show workers a fact that the company values contributions of each subordinate (Wang, Chen & Zhang 2013). In this way, the performance management process will close the cycle, which will further transfer to the stage of planning. As a result, the company will be capable of moving towards its goal with full confidence and reliability.

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The discussion successfully proved that Dolphin Logistics Company should remember the importance of the performance management process in the field of its activity. Logistics is a comprehensive field of business activity, which requires a special attention from the companies involved in it. Each company should be capable of following the stages of the performance management system in order to implement its strategic plans. From the point of view of the analyzed company, it is essential to consider the development of specific activities, which will help it to enter the market of Hong Kong. The company should be ready to optimize its activity according to its strategic goal. Otherwise, without effective change management and performance management process, it would be impossible to prepare for the conditions of the new business environment. In general, the analysis of the case showed that the performance management process has a comprehensive nature, which requires a careful consideration of each element. It helps to fulfill the process of implementation of the strategic plans, which means that it can guarantee the avoidance of the same mistakes in future. Finally, the example of Dolphin Logistics Company revealed the essence of the performance management process, which accompanies the most effective implementation of the company’s plans.

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