Free «Job Dissatisfaction» UK Essay Paper

Free «Job Dissatisfaction» UK Essay Paper

Regardless of the type of working environment, employees can meet various issues that may be perceived differently depending on personal values and beliefs of an employee. When a person does not agree with certain decisions or rules, the unresolved feeling of injustice can become a strong dissatisfaction with the job. It is a great problem that can appear in a company because it influences strongly not only the overall mental state of the employee and the whole atmosphere in the working team but also the efficiency of employee performance. The organization’s commitment and job satisfaction should be addressed in all spheres of work. For example, it is highly essential to analyze the role of the organizational commitment and personal traits in the military sphere. Thus, the goal of this paper is to investigate military service and find the evidence of the efficient work and the connection between the employee’s commitment level and personality features.

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To investigate the issue of job dissatisfaction in the military area, it is necessary to understand its causes. According to Stocker, Jacobshagen, Semmer, and Annen (2010), it is important to realize that working in the military organizations usually causes a high level of stress (Stocker, Jacobshagen, Semmer and Annen, 2010). It occurs because of severe or sometimes rude style of communication. The officers might give the orders in the way that could humiliate the othrs. Working in the armed forces means to face violence that could also restrict personal will. The main issue related to the job satisfaction in the military sphere and in every other sphere as well is a set of the corresponding qualities. This idea is supported by the theory of Holland which stresses that an employee should fit a particular job (Donavan, Brown, & Mowen, 2004). An ability to disregard personal needs, to follow the orders, and to show a very strong self-control are very important for the military employees. Moreover, the organizational commitment among the service members should be relatively higher because they are supposed to value the will of their organization more than the personal one. Thus, it is extremely crucial that the personal qualities fit the job in order to reach a high level of job satisfaction. At the same time, the organization should be able to ensure that moral and material rewards are proper.

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It is vital for an employee to feel that his or her moral and freedom sacrifices are highly appreciated by the organization (Stocker et al., 2010). The main task of the worker is to make the irritants that exist in the military sphere less important than the commitment to the organization. Among them are the unpredictable working hours and illegitimate tasks (Stocker et al., 2010). Thus, different approaches, such as social support, can help in raising the feeling of being appreciated and respected among the co-workers. In the milittary sphere, ranks that provide the promotion exist for some achievements. Consequently, they are the main instruments to ensure gratefulness by the organization. Nevertheless, it is impossible to assign new ranks to everyone as such types of recognition depends on the remarkable achievements or a certain length of service.

The notion of the organizational justice should be considered. The research by Bakhshi, Kumar, and Rani (2009) proved that the organizational justice had always influenced job satisfaction. Thus, one of the main tasks of the military organization is to make people satisfied with benefits they get from their work. The reaction of workers is reflected in their motivation and the level of the task performance (Bakhshi et al., 2009). As a result, it is important to ensure the procedural justice that is not biased, offers a correct approach to solving the inaccurate decisions, and confirms the importance of following the rules within the organization.

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It is obvious that social support and respectful interaction are all the right ways to cope with the issue of job dissatisfaction among the employees in the military sphere. While personal characteristics are usually considered during the recruitment period, job satisfaction and commitment to the organization of employees become clear after some time. They are predetermined by the organization policies and are highly important for employees’ motivation.

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