Free «Lunch Evaluation» UK Essay Paper

Free «Lunch Evaluation» UK Essay Paper


Colleges that train students on hospitality and provide hotel management courses offer restaurant, bar, lodge, resort, hotel, casino, and other services to the public. It is good because students can obtain practical skills and experience within the institution.  The Landings 72 restaurant is found within the Kirklees College, where students serve guests with freshly prepared food in a beautiful restaurant. They serve regular lunch, business lunch, dinner, and many celebration meals. The menu is exciting and modern, including different styles like European or British. Besides, special orders like vegetarian and daily chef’s specials can be placed. They serve their guests during special events throughout the year. The restaurant is easily accessible to all people, including those who use a wheelchair, and is near to the bus station with ample parking.

Lunch Evaluation

One of the lunches served on April 22, 2014 in the Landings 72 restaurant accessed through the entrance on Manchester Road or Chapel Hill is evaluated. The order made was as follows and was served as a lunch of one course:

  1. Roasted red pepper and tomato soup with basil.
  2. Creamed potatoes with savoy cabbage, ginger, and shellfish cream sauce.
  3. Chilled melon and mint soup.

Steps of Service

The waiter said, “Hi” to guests, welcomed them with a warm smile, and showed the place to sit and wait to be served. The guests were escorted to the table, and the waiter pulled out the chairs for them to sit. He said his name and told them that he would be serving them that day. Then he gave them a menu and asked to choose beverages they would like to drink while waiting to be served their food orders. The waiter listened carefully, wrote down their orders, and repeated them to the guests. It ensuredaccuracy and allowed any change to be made. Soda, water, and juice were served out of fridge because the weather was hot. Therefore, cold drinks provided a cooling sensation to the guests. The process of taking an order was conducted in the suggestive selling way and pleased them. The guests were served with the drinks they had ordered from the right. The waiter observed table etiquette, and ensured that they were served well and felt comfortable. All the guests were male and worked in the same organization. Therefore, they were served in the order from the right.

The orders of food were taken in the same way as the drinks, and it showed a case of suggestive selling. Accuracy was emphasized by repeating the orders to the guests. The waiter had a way to identify each guest’s order to avoid confusion. Serving was done from the right, and the waiter ensured that he served the correct order to each guest. If the latter is served with a different order, it shows the lack of competence and listening skills. When the waiter interrupted the guests unintentionally, he made a polite excuse. The menu was a guide for the guests because it showed accompaniments and their cost.

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Clearing of all plates and glasses was done from the left at the same time before presenting a check to ensure all guests had finished eating and were satisfied fully. The bill was provided for payment after clearing the table. They were to pay on the counter either in cash or by means of a credit card. The waiter ensured that he said thank you to appreciate their coming and welcomed them again. It is appropriate to appreciate the guests for visiting a restaurant because it gives them a sense of being valued. Their coming is important to the establishment. Welcoming guests ensures that waiters and the restaurant management are committed to serving them any time.

It was probable that the guests will return because they left the restaurant happpy and looked satisfied. In addition, they were not upset by the waiter or food because the latter was fresh and well-cooked. Besides, its presentation was appealing and attractive. Customer cards were available to the guests at the table to evaluate the services. They were to rate the quality of the restaurant, manner of food presentation, friendliness of waiters, and prices on the menu, as well as give general comments and observation.

Points to Note for Improvement

Even though the serving process followed most of the steps and was done fairly, the next points should be noted to better services and achieve excellence. It is proper to address guests as “sir” or “ma’am” to welcome them formally. It shows a sign of respect and raises their trust in the restaurant and waiters, increasing the chance of coming back again. In addition, if the waiter can avoid interruption, he should do so. However, if it is impossible, he should use polite language to make an excuse. When there is a problem, he should be honest and straightforward to all guests at all time. For any clarification, the waiter can ask questions in an appropriate way to avoid confusion and any dissatisfaction. Understanding of the menu will help guests while placing their orders so that they know what is available among accompaniments. Serving women and children first and following the right order  are also very important rules. Finally, it is good to know and understand customers and handle them with care and respect for them to come again.

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Serving customers in the restaurant requires much attention even to small issues, because they are different and may be upset by different things. Therefore, it is important to observe serving etiquette, and the practice of personal presentation skills is necessary. Therefore, customers will feel comfortable and satisfied when everything is done well.

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