Free «Managerial Leadership Program» UK Essay Paper

Free «Managerial Leadership Program» UK Essay Paper

Pro SAAMYA, Incis a startup Technology company based in NJ, focused in developing Products and solutions in the area of Agriculture, Transportation and Financial Industry. It has been in business from since 2005 over 7 years; the organization is focused purely specifically on Domain expertise, The principals of the company come up with strong Financial business domain, was able to leverage the expertise and adapt into new domain during the strong financial crises and recession time.  Pro SAAMYA, Inc.  In the year of 2008 recession time, company stated looking for diversifying into different portfolio and into product space. Hired a consultant and Identified Agriculture and Transportation Industries (Gallos 2001).The Company is an S-Corporation fully self-funded, in year 2010 August Successfully launched multiple products in Animal Agriculture and acquired an 20 Billion Enterprise Animal health customer, supporting to integrate their Vertical supply chain across their business units in area of Commercial Beef and Aquaculture, Equine Sectors.The main focus of Company strategy is to provide communicative tools to end users to improve their bottom line in the area productivity, Market Access and follow Compliance in the area of Agriculture, Transportation & Finance.

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The existing incongruence between company goals, structure and culture coupled with extraordinary economic circumstances has affected performance of Pro SAAMYA, Inc. We are currently attempting to transform the organization, aiming to realign the informal and formal culture of the organization with their strategy to make Pro SAAMYA a more innovative and efficient sustainable firm (Friedemann 1994).  

Currently company is looking for Funding and exploring all the options in the area of Merger & Acquisitions, Venture capital, Equity Partners .Broadly speaking, Pro SAAMYA, Inc has very lmited options, with current financial requirement for ongoing operations;1) Merge with any other Technology /Solution company2) Look for Venture Capital/Angle Investors 3) Taking a Loan on some security collateral with Opportunity in the pipeline  4) Reduce the cost by sending some of the employees into consulting (Short 1998).

Cultural and certain realignment in this instance is a key dependency for making sustainable improvements and achieving greater profitability. If Company does not first achieve an organization wide culture that is aligned to its strategic objectives, improvement initiatives will likely fail to deliver sustainable benefits (Gallos 2001). However, according to J. Kotter in Leading Change, Why Transformation Efforts Fail, this lack of commitment would likely lead to loss of impetus, turnaround of hard-won devastation gains of the whole transformation effort (Kotter 1978). Substantive commitment such as that consistently exhibited by Lincoln Electric’s management (and by Dunphy Dermot in the case of Sealed Air) is hypothesized by Kotter to increase employee acceptance and dedication to organizational change due to a sense of job security (Kotter 1990).

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Every employee in the company has been with the company for a long time, driven by Product Innovation and Passion. Discontinuing the company could be perceived by the customers and employees as a lack of managerial commitment to the business, which could potentially cause widespread disillusionment among employees and for customers (Nadler & Tushman 1997).

True organizational transformation at Pro SAAMYA is contingent upon a culture that supports change.  The major decision of continuation has proven to provide the impetus for both formal and informal cultural realignment.  Principles should look in the future of the company aand commit to culture change if company is to become a more profitable venture.John’s fundamental redefining of the company vision, values and goals (Seashore 2001).  Rejecting the change efforts or reducing its scope at this point is risky as it would likely result in employee disillusionment

On continuation of company from this point forward, there can be some employees who can be sent into consulting, to reduce cost and make sure the employees moral are still high so they are not fired and provide security.As budget allows in order to promote cross-organizational learning and to foster cohesion, unity and a common set of goals among employees (Pascale 1990).

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Company treats employees as an integral part of the organization with initiatives like employee training, Domain training, Cross product technical knowledge, Flexible hours Jones 2003). Company also believes in guaranteed wages with an incentive structure allowing employees to continuously provide best customer service and commit on delivery to improve performance with a monetary benefit.In current situation and ofslow sales, the employees working get trained in other domain and other technical skills, so they are sent on to consulting assignment (Friedemann 1994). So, that they get compensated during downtime and tough economic times.  This clearly projects that Company employees have a peace of mind when it comes to their wage and compensation security.

John and Smith, Principals of the company were very instrumental in developing good relationship with the corporate clients and various state officials with his excellent rapport and interpersonal skills. They made sure that they were aware of certain common situations with vendors, city officials as well as regular clients. They have been promised to be available over phone for any future consultations at any given time (Bridges 2000).

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