Free «Managers and IT» UK Essay Paper

Free «Managers and IT» UK Essay Paper

For a long period, our health centre used a manual system to record, maintain and file customer information. The management decided to computerize the system so that customer records would be captured at the reception and instant messages would be sent to the next point the customer was to visit, starting with the observation room, then the consultation room, then the laboratory, and lastly, the pharmacy. This would minimize the movements of staffs from every point and automate patients’ records.

There was a lot of resistance among the staffs since there were rumors that the system would result in loss jobs for some of the staffs, especially the support staffs who did the manual jobs (Jermier et al., 2004). There were also fears that people would not be able to use the new system since most people were not computer literate. The political environment was tough and people were contemplating starting a strike concerning impose of the system by the management.

The managers had a tough times convincing staffs to be flexible and accept the system, since this would make their work easier in the long run. The top management also took time to address the issue and discussing with all the staffs at department’s level assuring them that no single person would lose their job because of the new system. In addition, the company offered to pay for training for all the staffs, which reduced the fear of not being able to use the system. The project was eventually accepted and was successfully implemented. The involvement of the management played a big role in the success of the project (Topchik, 2001).

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