Free «Mark Zuckerberg» UK Essay Paper

Free «Mark Zuckerberg» UK Essay Paper

Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history. Many believe that he has deservedly received this title. However, some suggest that a successful combination of circumstances has contributed to this. Anyway, Mark has created a huge online resource that will be profitable for many years. This paper compares intellectual and social skills in the organization, describes Mark’s success, as well as qualities needed to create a successful company.

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There are many reasons to believe that intelligence is much more important than social skills. Mark Zuckerberg is an excellent example of this. He did not have good communication skills, but had prudence and pragmatism characteristic of the majority of IT industry professionals (Brown, 2014). These qualities helped him to organize teamwork with Eduardo Saverin. A person should be able to create a product that is new and necessary for society. At the same time, it is not necessary to have good communication skills. Steve Jobs also had problems with sociability, but his dedication and ongoing commitment to an ideal and the desire to achieve more made him successful. It is possible to cite a few examples, which prove that intelligence is much more important tan social skills. However, it should be said that if a person has just two qualities of sociability and intelligence, he/she will be necessarily successful in business.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s success was a result of a chance and his desire to reach a success. He was not the first to come up with a social network, but the one who created it. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss sued Mark for the fact that he had stolen the idea of ​​creating such  a site (“Mark Zuckerberg Biography,” 2016). Brothers provided indisputable evidence of this. By and large, Mark had no choice when creating a social network. All know that a simple service became a prototype of Facebook, where Mark defamed his ex-girlfriend. Next, he began to develop it for the same purpose to allow students to share photos of others and their opinions. Soon it turned into a social network. According to Mark, he was not even going to create a company, but simply did what he wanted to see in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg has really excellent qualities desirable for many entrepreneurs (“Mark Zuckerberg Biography,” 2016). However, it is not necessary to be as smart as he is to create a successful company. Each person has a uunique mental warehouse, and no one is worse. Moreover, Mark made many mistakes during the development of Facebook. It shows his shortcomings as a person. Numerous lawsuits under his direction are proof of this. In addition, as it has been already mentioned, Mark found himself at the right time in the right place. Anyone who knows how to program could have been in his place. Therefore, I believe that I should not be as smart as Zuckerberg.

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To summarize, it should be said that Mark Zuckerberg is an entrepreneur with clear leadership qualities who managed to be in the right place at the right time. Although he stole the idea of ​​creating a social network, but created a perfect product, which overtook competitors in just a few months. Mark has excellent entrepreneurial qualities, such as the pursuit of excellence, continuous development and the ability to assemble a team. Of course, like everybody, he has disadvantages, including poor communication skills (especially, in the first years of Facebook), and the lack of oratorical abilities. However, the creator of the most ambitious social network does not worry about this. Zuckerberg has already created a product known all over the world and has already produced a stunning success.

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