Free «Project Management» UK Essay Paper

Free «Project Management» UK Essay Paper

The mitigation of software implements utilization and marketers’ concentration on smaller businesses typically leads to a change. Organizations ascertain that payroll, meaning the procedure which gave birth to BPO (stands for business process outsourcing), can frequently be performed in a better manner having more pliability and less internal expenses (Campbell & Brown, 2016, p. 70). In fact, the payroll system, which any organization selects, should provide numerous different methods to give payments to the employees. Moreover, the system should be capable of handling payroll structure for new workers, payroll reports and PTO (Paid Time Off) accruement as well as tracking application. The current paper will demonstrate and analyze a specific cost-benefit analysis matrix for a company which plans to change a payroll framework; study actions required to complete a project schedule; provide three kinds of feedback loops and behavioral problems; and demonstrate possible solutions to mitigate these issues.

The facts show that sense payroll system has been appraised as the gold award winner and the best payroll method in 2015 (Campbell & Brown, 2016, p. 70). Nevertheless, when pursuing a Cost-Benefit Analysis, the organization must review the costs, which the new software will provide in contrast to the advantages of having the system. Costs incorporate the genuine cost of the software, the installation price, user training and the yearly maintenance. The advantages concern the possibility of the system to become a more effective business procedure, its capability to be more effective for the employees, and its feasibility of becoming better data management for the organization (Campbell & Brown, 2016, p. 11). The actual Cost-Benefit analysis will look in the following way:

Table 1

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-Benefit Analysis









Employee job performance changes

Quicker system

Enhanced reporting choices



Abrogated marketers

Personnel time (ability to work with other issues)


New execution

Cost of installation

Tax fee

Technical problems

Employee training/Instructor fee


Direct revenue should not seriously enlarge. The only way it can enhance concerns the procedure to which information is loaded. Particular spending sustains a direct connection with revenue. In fact, this spending appears due to revenue-generating operations, including sales operations, involved by the organization. The best illustrations of this spending incorporate sales rake-offs, advertisement and travel spending to visit clients. Accordingly, all these types of spending contribute to the revenue generation connected with each product. The benefits of indirect revenue are connected with the fact that the employer might have access to a specific advantage at a cheaper rate than the employee might. For instance, the employer might obtain an aggregate discount for equipping the entire organization with health insurance. It means that the organization will have to spend less on total compensation as the cost of the health insurance to the employee is higher than the employer’s value.

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Despite the fact that organizations usually expect that a pay system reform appears advantageous, the outcomes are typically blended. Therefore, it is important to understand why and when a pay system reformation can enhance required outcomes (Campbell & Brown, 2016, p. 88). Thus, the main risk of new system implementation, particularly a Human Resource Information payroll system, lies in the absence of test environment, meaning that innovative releases are implemented directly in production. It is obvious that it influences the system operation. In addition, employee information is not obtainable, while salary is not opportunely provided. In order to minimize this, it is crucial to ensure that unverified software is not implemented in production, while the testing is as downright as possible. Moreover, testing should not influence the production setting, while merely the tested goods are produced. Another risk concerns the fact that the access control model for the system is intricate, and it is highly significant to provide users with the authorized access on the basis of their job and profession. The new payroll system appears to have a perfect ‘all-rejected if not distinctly permitted’ access control framework. As a result, it allows detailing the access control for the personnel in regard to specific features and data. Nevertheless, this framework has a drawback as when new data and features are being added to the system, there appears a possibility of losing the track of people and content they accessed. The mistakes can be made easily, providing the access to an unauthorized user. Consequently, this leads to a risk that new software version can change the features and rights of a profile, practically invalidating it. In order to minimize this specific risk, an organization should implement a particular access management procedure, which assembles relevant authorization. In fact, this should be a central access management group which approves and operates the application and performs all access appeals. The approving procedure should incorporate the authorization of application by the applicant's supervisor. Therefore, the organization should keep a record of all appeals and their performance.

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The most significant objective of payroll system outsourcing concerns the capability of making the transition from the present payroll system to the new completely outsourced payroll system. The performance of a Work Breakdown Structure allows the project team to define the task, namely the Project Initiation task, and formulate a project team (Martinlli & Milosevic, 2016, p. 47). In fact, the project team is responsible for an initial research or data collection of the outsourced payroll system in order for it to be regarded a perfect and appropriate variant for the company. The second task concerns writing or drafting a report specifying the new payroll system implementation (Martinlli & Milosevic, 2016, p. 49). The third task is connected with the interviews of the personnel, which will be operating in the system implementation. In fact, the interview is performed in order to select the best personnel which can provide the best outcomes for the project (Martinlli & Milosevic, 2016, p. 49). The training of the personnel should follow the previous task. The reason is that this will help the personnel to become acclimatized and adapted to the system, at the same time allowing evaluating and testing this procedure. The final approach lies in the last task of the Gantt charting approach. The concluding report should be the summation of all new payroll system outcomes, its value, interviews, training and estimation of new system functioning in the company’s culture (Wysocki, 2014, p. 41). A Gantt charting approach is crucial as it can be utilized to elaborate a detailed timescale for the project together with dividing the framework, demonstrating the team members how their work is connected to others, and scheduling the work on a daily ground during the working period (Wysocki, 2014, p. 170). There are numerous benefits of applying a Gantt chart. This chart appears to be highly simple in regard to its creation and usage. It can assist in performing tasks in a practical and pragmatic period. The disadvantage concerns the fact that the chart does not demonstrate the cost which the company would require to create more than one chart if it plans alternative outcomes. Moreover, Gantt charts do not reveal the scope of a project or the comparative scope of work constituents (Wysocki, 2014, p. 171).

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On the other hand, Performance Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) provides a visible depiction of the imminent tasks. This management implement is connected to time, occasions, costs, and personnel to complete a project. PERT can help in predicting how much time the termination of tasks will require together with the realization of the entire project (Wysocki, 2014, p. 146). Nevertheless, PERT is merely employed for huge projects, meaning that a small organization would not benefit from applying this method. CPM charts indicate the critical path which comprises of assortments of conditional tasks. The shortage of a time scope on the majority of PERT/CPM charts complicates the project status demonstration (Wysocki, 2014, p. 146).

Feedback appears to be highly significant. It provides the company with a possibility to obtain data on the project performance and personnel feelings relating to alterations (Pries-Heje, 2013, p. 195). Sometimes, it is hard to get feedback due to the shortage of communication, employee morale or fear of reprisal. Feedback loops are regarded to be a method of combating such issues that appear to be a new system of voicing opinions. Firstly, it is recommended to have personnel ambassador who acts as employees’ voice (Pries-Heje, 2013, p. 187). Ambassadors can attend management meetings to express personnel concerns, pieces of advice or suggestions in regard to the new system. Secondly, a help desk should be implemented in order to assist employees who encounter any problems while operating in the system. In fact, help desk operators appear to be capable of offering systematic guidance, while being experts in the system (Pries-Heje, 2013, p. 206). Finally, focus groups can also be a great method for employees to gather in order to express any issues and provide suggestions on how the organization might assist personnel with their job. The best method of filtering inappropriate information is to ascertain that detailed and precise information is provided (Pries-Heje, 2013, p. 206)

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As technology and the requirements of the company change, system and operations should also alter as it assists to be competitive in their market (Pries-Heje, 2013, p. 144). Despite the fact that the changes might be good, the employees do not always easily adapt to them. Employees may reveal their discontent with the change in three ways, including the demonstration of working motivation shortage, lowering productivity or through low employee morale. The HR department and the project group are responsible for this and should assist in resolving the above-mentioned behavioral issues (Pries-Heje, 2013, p. 144). There are a number of operations which might be utilized in assisting to mitigate employee’s opposition to change. Firstly, an organization is supposed to consider the procedure of defrosting. This operation lies in the acts of helping personnel to understand the objective and believe in it (Pries-Heje, 2013, p. 128). Secondly, the anxiety of change can be handled by proposing recognition and rewards (Pries-Heje, 2013, p. 130). Thirdly, psychological security is the procedure of assisting personnel in overcoming their restlessness and concern for change by comprehending and appealing to their requirements (Pries-Heje, 2013, p. 142). Therefore, change or transition appears to be the procedure of assisting the employee in accepting the alteration by demonstrating the benefits of the new mode versus the old one.

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The paper demonstrates that new systems practically always lead to the requirement to alternate business operations. Such changes can trigger turmoil due to the costs connected to trainings and with the necessity to supersede personnel that does not feel enthusiastic relating to any alterations. The major significance of the new payroll system lies in resolving numerous shortcomings of the existing system, at the same time reducing organizational costs as such.

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