Free «Project Management» UK Essay Paper

Free «Project Management» UK Essay Paper

Podcast Summary

Emotional and social intelligence will distinguish effective from ineffective managers throughout an organization. When asked whether there have been any improvements in emotional and social intelligence of project managers, Dr Boyatzis said that hopefully there have been. At the same time, Dr Boyatzis complained about lack of practical application of project management skills in real-life situations despite the fact that 150, 000 MBA degrees are awarded annually round the world and a multitude of books in human resources and leadership are sold as mega-best sellers.  In other words, being a strong leader capable of motivating others is a common sense rather than a common practice. The key contribution of competencies in project management is they help us answer the question how a person can be acting. In order to improve emotional and social competences, the project manager needs to have some training in development, be sensitive to critical issues, and most of the time he or she will need a coach.

Assessment of a candidate for the project manager position should be done on the basis of evaluation of how this person acts and whether he perceives all technical and functional details well. The other aspect is to check how people around react to them. One of the costliest mistakes in this process will be to select a person who has made the most glorious technical contribution. In other words, a brilliant individual contributor will not necessarily be a brilliant project manager. This is explained by the fact that people who are good at delivering technically impeccable results are so preoccupied with individual work that they seem unlikely to enjoy the project management position.

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