Free «Recruitment in Nursing» UK Essay Paper

Free «Recruitment in Nursing» UK Essay Paper

While nursing education is concerned with leadership and meeting the many and diverse patient needs, as well as ensuring that patients receive high quality, safe and affordable health care. Currently, the newly passed Affordable Care Act provides responsibilities to nurses in the implementation process. With these reforms, nursing recruitment has become an integral part of the profession and its sustainability.

Benefits of Recruitment

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The new ACA law has increased the number of Americans who are reached by health care (Knickman & Kovner, 2015). This calls for better and more effective recruitment process to cater for the additional individuals. While increasing numbers is inevitable, the quality of recruits is also important. There are two levels of professional qualification, which are BSN and ADN recruits (Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, 2011). The available research provides information that show that BSN nurses are more competent that ADN nurses, it is more than obvious because the level of education is different, with the latter being slightly lower.

Challenges of Recruitment

Recruitment process faces several challenges. First, the mixture of two levels of educated nurses including BSN and ADN trained individuals lead to problems of recruitment (Knickman & Kovner, 2015). While the former performs better, they are not enough to exhaust the needs of the Aerican population. Therefore, a mixture of the two levels of nurses should be created. There is no adequate information that determines the mixture.

Representation is also uneven with a conspicuous lean towards women. There is a racial imbalance that should be addressed as well as increased recruitment of men (Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, 2011). All these factors and their interactions should be interrogated to determine their results. Furthermore, there should be enough information regarding the leadership qualities that would be displayed by the new system.

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Gaps in Recruitment Research

The research carried out on the possible role of change in recruitment process in improving the performance of nurses is more descriptive than numerical. Whenever such research is carried out, there is need to contextualize and to come up with measures and key performance indicators that determine the success or failure of a strategy. While qualitative data analysis is acceptable in social sciences, it does not provide a highly reliable source of decision making and a measure of performance. When the research indicates that numbers should be increased, it should provide the scale at which it should be increased and what such an increase would translate to in terms of better results from hospitals. With these targets, it would be easier to set standards that help the nursing body to continually improve their strategies whenever they need to. They would also have performance indicators that would tell them the extent of success of their strategy. The combination of both quantitative and qualitative in the study of the role of leadership in learning process as well as practicing period of a nurse would go a long way into providing better decisions and more improvement of the entire sector. This is one of the main aspects that recruitment research in the United States remains short of, and should be included in future research.

Need for Research

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Research in recruitment areas fails to provide an explanation over the resultant success or otherwise in the mixture of these two levels of nurses to the overall performance. When they are isolated from each other, there is high likelihood that BSN nurses would perform better. But a mixture of the two should be tried to ensure that better results are obtained. The role of leadership in nurse leadership and profession has also not been well addressed. It is unclear why BSN nurses face the same leadership challenges as ADN nurses, despite the former performing better and learning more (Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, 2011). The interaction between leadership and the level of education and qualification has not been adequately interrogated, making it impossible to determine the role of workplace environment in the performance of nurses. At the same time, research should determine the best combination between AND and BSN nurses who would provide the best results within a certain working environment.

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