Free «Shared Governance and Workers’ Powerlessness» UK Essay Paper

Free «Shared Governance and Workers’ Powerlessness» UK Essay Paper

Section One

a) Causes of Powerlessness at Job place

The feeling of powerlessness is a serious cause of job stress or a cumulative result of stress in the workplace. When these nurses complain about that, it means that they have become a prey to helplessness, depression’s traveling compassion, and hopelessness in the workplace. If the trend continues, the productivity of employees will eventually be on the decline (Huber, 2013). Job burnout could be the primary cause of powerlessness in the department. It is associated with such things as exhaustion due to drainage of an individual’s mental resources, lack of professional efficacy, and cynicism. Cynicism refers to a situation where workers become indifferent to their work or have a distant attitude towards their job. This burnout becomes even worse when one lacks proper support. This burnout might be caused by long working hours in the department with very little time left for the rest.

As Huber (2013) explains, bullying by workers in the midst of the high work demand may also be a cause of the powerlessness. Work related bullying is very common in various work places. Some of these bullying incidents may take the form of mobbing, which is an ongoing and a systematic harassment of a worker by the boss. Bullying will include physical intimidation and rudeness and some unintentional acts like exclusion and ostracism. In return, workers lose morale to work in the organization. The practice is a possible cause for the number of resignations in the department

b) Sources of Power

There are several useful steps to restore the power of the nurses. The creation of happy and satisfied employees will be a major step that will help ease this pressure among the staff members. Employees derive job satisfaction if its benefits improve their lives. Therefore, to increase their morale, the management will have to extendto them some benefits like professional development, salaries increase, and more overtime allowances. Their great work at the organization will need to receive the appropriate reward (Morris & Faulk, 2012). The greatest source of power involves nurses in the decision-making in the department. The nurses will feel that they belong if they are more involved and will readily embrace administrative policies in the department. When it comes to overtime working, it is important that Nancy should not adapt mandatory overtime system but instead have a voluntary one.

The management should come up with a stress-free action plan with the aim of easing pressure among the employees. The program will involve streamlining duties in such a form that considers wellbeing of the employees. The company protocol and work procedure should be very friendly to the employees. The department also needs to respond to employees’ complaints in the right way and at a good time. There is a need to address grievances raised by employees concerning salary matters, bullying in the workplace, and many others in good time.

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On top of this, coming up with an education system that allows nurses to pursue a higher degree in the profession will be effective. Research has shown that hospitals, which allow and sponsor their personnel to further their studies, have a low turnover rate of employees (Morris & Faulk, 2012). Nancy should have a program to encourage nurses to pursue higher learning and retain them in the hospital so as to utilize the learnt skills. Such a program will keep the department motivated, and hence achieve the goal of empowering and retaining nurses. 

c) Encouraging

To encourage the workers become empowered, Nancy will have to cultivate the right attitude for the job and create a sense of the organization ownership among the staff members. In addition to that, the manager will be needed to get close to these workerss, listen to their complaints, and express empathy to all workers at every level. All nurses should feel appreciation and know how valuable they are in a place they take in the department. Further to that, Nancy will have to ensure that any of the staff members’ behaviors that may cause powerlessness is done away with and in the right words condemned. Intimidation in the workplace is a source of a feeling of powerlessness, and the manager will have to take this very seriously. A friendly working environment will help ease pressure in the workplace.

Nancy will also have to deal with some negative behavior from some members of the department who affect the overall performance of the department. It is expected in different organizations that there is always one employee who makes a department not ideal to work in for others (Nelson & Quick, 2013). Nancy will have to create employee loyalty to the department and ensure that there is no bullying and destructive behavior. The sense of loyalty achievement is through sharing the long-term vision of the institution and making everyone feel part of the vision. Such an action will keep workers motivated and powered to continue working in the department.

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A feeling of powerlessness among workers in the unit is as a consequence of many factors that are present in the working environment. The consequence is a high turnover rate in the department, which translates into low patient service. The solution to this is keeping workers motivated and making them feel that they belong. As a nurse manager, the role of making nurse falls on the hands of Nancy and she has to come up with workable strategies. One available solution could be through policy change that is possible through shared governance. Before making key policy changes such as a return to the 8-hour shift system of working, establishing some facts is key. Additionally, members of the unit must understand the role of shared governance in policy change.

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