Free «Strategic Management Plan» UK Essay Paper

Free «Strategic Management Plan» UK Essay Paper

A Taste of Phillie has developed a strategic management plan which will be used in the next fiscal years of performance. This strategic management plan will be used to promote performance planning and leadership. It will help the business to focus on the main goals and address all issues which will be faced in the next five years. A Taste of Phillie has straight forward objectives and values which will guide all employees towards the main goals. It has set guiding principles, which are characterized by commitment to excel in management and leadership. These principles will regulate decision making processes before carrying out actions. There are strategic focus sections which will define the quality of the business vision. Strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats analysis will help leaders to understand the stand of the business, therefore prevent any upcoming hazard which might cause collapsing of the business. There are various strategic actions which will be implemented at specific periods to achieve the main goals. This strategic management plan is flexible to fit any important idea which will lead the business to achieving the main goals in the most effective way.

A Taste of Phillie’s strategic management plan is steered by a mission. This is a statement that describes the core purpose of the business organization and the reason for being in this area. The mission of this organization is to initiate, implement, and maintain a farming spirit in the community, which will encourage farmers to grow chemical free and healthy vegetables and fruits for exportation. The firm will integrate effective transportation system, which will facilitate movement of people and products. It will also engage in environmental conservation for maximum production of the products and the future of the society.

A Taste of Phillie proudly welcomes all those who love farming and are interested in it to enjoy the fruits of our soil fertility. This is the vision of the business. It is focused on improving farming for the entire society to benefit. There is a new community center where all members will be meeting to learn more about farming. Green belts, trials, and recreational amenities have been constructed to attract more farmers to join the firm. The business has a growing and sustainable economic base, which includes light, retail, quality, and manufacturing commercial enterprises. Additionally, the business has a variety of crops for visitors and farmers to learn about before deciding the best option to start planting. They have a comprehensive and well-planned transportation system, which will be used to transport products from the farm to the firm. They have expanded boundaries to ensure proper land planning, successful farming, and community development at large. The business will be responsible for all losses accrued by farmers and other stakeholders so as to fit in their goals. It is ready to care for the farmers and customers’ assets, needs and desires, presently and in the future.

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There are strategic areas which the business will focus on. The goals are spread out, but on some areas will be paid more attention than others in order to achieve the goals as planned. These strategic factors hold the quality of services to be offered as well as the future of the organization. Maintenance of forests, rivers, and streams will be in the focus. This company is interested in farming. Therefore, there is a need to take care of the environment to ensure there is enough rainfall and good climate to support the farming systems to be introduced. Community services, recreational and cultural amenities will be considered as well. This will encourage farmers to come together and work as a team in their day to day activities. Effective transportation system is vital to reduce losses. Managed growth, well-planned strategies, and development make it possible for the business to succeed.

A Taste of Phillie has clear and well defined objectives. The first goal is to acquire a reasonable number of farmers who will grow vegetables and fruits for export. This will be acquired by training farmers on different fields and encouraging them to engage in serious framing. Secondly, the firm aims at purchasing chemical free and healthy fruits and vegetables from the farmers for export. This means that farmers will have to grow internationally acceptable crops in terms of chemical rate and other health standards. Thirdly, the business will buy products at the best price possible. This firm is community oriented and will do everything possible to promote farmers and the entire society. Green belts are among the business’ goals. The company strives to acquire green belts in the community so as to maintain the environment of the community. Recreational amenities are the fifth goal of the firm. It is believed that this is the best way to bring the community together for the sake of the present and the future. Comprehensive transportation system is aimed to ensure that farm produce is transported in time irrespective of weather conditions. This will help the community in all other sectors of life.

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It is important to achieve public trust throughout the performance. A Taste of Phillie will accomplish this vital step through practicing their well defined basic values. These values are the guiding principles which define expectations of conducting business by all employees. Every department is expected to respect these values at all costs. Accountability is the first value. The firm will provide safe and reliable services and products. They will use farmer’s resources and assets effectively and responsibly. Regular reports will be released to all stake holders on the proceedings. The second value deals with consistency. This principle includes well-defined and reliable procedures, setting service standards and program, and applying the guideline fairly. Integrity is the third value. This calls for fairness, commitment, professionalism, and willingness to perfect. It urges employees to search for both public and self scrutiny. Communication is the final value, which includes proving correct information in time, engaging all stake holders in decision making, and building better partnerships.

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The strategic management plan will operate in three phases. The first phase will be implemented within the first few months. The firm will collect and analyze data from the field so as to make the final decision of engaging in this area. This will be done by selected members of staff, who will use interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and observation methods. The next process will be to analyze transportation system in the area and make appropriate recommendations. The firm will use internal reports and current initiatives to facilitate this step. Groups will be formed to ensure that every employee understands his/her position. There will be group meetings to discuss the goals of the business.

The second phase brings all employees and the management together to set direction and expected outcomes of the business. They will compile a final report which will be forwarded to the board of directors. The recommended transportation plan will be reexamined to customer satisfaction. Management will request for feedback from the board of directors to adjust what needs adjustment. They will conduct discussions with executive managers to ensure everything is fine. The third preparation phase will determine actions and strategies to be implemented. Four executive leadership training sessions will be conducted. The management will also develop bureau business strategies as well as divisional and regional plans.

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Monitoring, tracking, and updating the strategic management plan are important steps which must be implemented. As the strategic management is being implemented, monitoring the progress has to be an on-going process. This helps the employees to understand how they are working as well as reminding them the main goals. A performance set has been developed to measure the progress towards goal achievement. Progress will be tracked and monitored using quarterly reports on every initiative. Quarterly reviews will be presented in every department. Performance dashboard is available to all stakeholders, and it will indicate progress of every department. Annual progress reviews must be submitted by the senior leaders to the board of governors for auditing.

Understanding environment in and around this business will help managers to analyze threats, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses of the business. Legal and political changes are significant as they determine the strength of the business. Economic factors such as consumer confidence, exchange rates, and interest rates assist management in improving their weak areas to make more profit. Since the business will be dealing with the local community, particularly farmers, social factors such as culture, lifestyles, changing attitudes, and age of the majority matters a lot. Technological factors such as new chemicals and working tools have to be considered. This is generally referred to as PEST analysis, and it is an important step which gives a gateway to the SWOT analysis.

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A rigorous and honest SWOT analysis must be conducted to identify strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities. This is the best starting point which surveys the market as well as production strategies. A Taste of Phillie is a dedicated firm which plans to train members how to grow healthy vegetables and fruits. The firm will then purchase the products at a fair price from all farmers who produce high quality products. They have a number of strengths, which help them achieve the plan objectives. The firm has reliable customer services. This is important as every farmer who has inquiries will be handled professionally, encouraging more farmers to join. Similarly, the business aims to urge suppliers to grow fruits and vegetables in their farms. This is strength as farmers are not required to purchase lands. They only have to grow crops and start selling. This gives the business a positive point. As far as knowledge and skills are concerned, the business has skilled agriculturalists and other experts in every department. However, the firm is faced by weaknesses, which threaten implementation of the business. Capital required starting this business is quite large. The company has to establish a good transportation system, which requires money. It does not have enough capital to handle all what needs resources. Additionally, there are inadequate accounting systems since the organization is newly developed.

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There are various opportunities which give the business great hopes of achieving their goals. First and foremost, there is a great demand for fruits and vegetables in all parts of the universe. This means that the products the company purchases from farmers are likely to give profit. There are various new farming technologies which increase produce. A Taste of Phillie will encourage farmers to use these technologies, and the products will never be out of stock. The company can use the internet to get new markets. There are some threats which the firm has to handle carefully to avoid collapsing. New competitors are likely to come up with similar products and entice away the firm’s farmers. Other firms from the universe can also start selling their products cheaply to fit in the competition. Registration costs are increasing every now and then affecting the new firms greatly. There is instability in the economy internationally. This threatens the firm as the demand is not stable. Besides, climate changes can affect the crops which can lead to losses.

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