Free «Strategic Management» UK Essay Paper

Free «Strategic Management» UK Essay Paper

In any team formed to articulate some objective, including our group, there ought to be cogent communication among all its members. Since a team has many people in it, with each having to contribute, effective communication is crucial to facilitate the processes that the members have to undertake. It is with this view that the leader of a team must be an excellent and resourceful communicator. He should be able to express his and any of the team member’s concerns in the process of executing any matter at hand. Moreover, he must be a leader who not only wields authority but also makes the entire team comfortable to execute. The leader must be able to demonstrate due diligence to any consideration proposed by the team. He should be a unifying factor and must direct the team’s objectives at any point in time.

Similarly, all members must be able to contribute, in equal strengths and content, to the cause of the team. Members should confer reasonably when considering any matter at hand. They must be respectful to each other and must acknowledge all contributions however how meaningless and frivolous some of them may be. They must also respect the directions of the chair, and if they are of a different opinion, they should express so without sounding insubordinate or otherwise. The members must exhibit cohesion and be reasonable at all times.

To organize and cooperate to complete the assessment successfully, the team must work with a well-defined timetable: to minimize time wastage and to direct the material concerns to be amply addressed. In addition, the team must research the topic or questions in advance: to facilitate observance of time and to bring deep substance on the table for consideration. During all the meetings, the members must actively engage themselves and the chair.

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